Larim’s Fluvial Beach – Gondar, Amarante

Amazing natural fluvial beach, nearby Amarante.

Gondar is a parish of the municipality of Amarante. His history retraces to the early formation of Portugal and has some buildings from the Romanesque age. Nearby the village, it passes the River Ovelha, where it is the fluvial beach of Larim.
Congregating a group of friends, we went to discovery a little more of Portugal. As there were some kids in the group, we decided to find out a place that was relatively near of Porto, our hometown. Searching in the internet, we found this small beach, surrounded by a park, a beach soccer field and a structure to practice slide. There were a couple of plates to jump to water… For those who had the guts to jump!

written by kuasimudo on 2009-11-06 in #world #locations

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