Rosy Rescales: How Redscale Adds Character to Street Photography


Sometimes street photography in black and white or in color looks predictable. But when a roll of redscale is used for street photography it adds a whole new dimension.

I feel that analogue photography, especially lomography style, can add a lot of flavor to any photo, especially when it comes to street photography.

While I enjoy looking at the works of traditional-style street photographers and do dabble in shooting street photography myself, using redscale films can also evoke emotions from the viewer.

Take for example the question of how can you show the viewer the heat of the day? By adding a tinge of rosy redscale to your photo, which hints at how hot the day was.

What’s more, is that it can change the look of an iconic color. For example the Malabar Mosque is known for its cool blue colored tiles. Photographed with a Lomography XR 50-200 redscale film rated at ISO 100 using a Nikon F601, set at P-mode, it immediately takes on a new look.

Even in the shaded, but open five foot way corridors, photos turn out to be more eye catching. Or could it be due to the fact that I was looking for something different?

While using redscale for street photography may not be for everyone it nevertheless can make an impact on the way you see things.

For me, redscale can recreate vintage-looking colors and emphasize the subject’s character. And that’s what I like.

What about you? 

written by uncle_jay on 2012-09-24 in #lifestyle #red #indoors #rad #f601 #nikon-n6006 #diy #singapore #redscale #lomography-xr-50-200 #kodak-ultramax-400 #malabar-mosque


  1. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Simply beautiful

  2. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    Nice set. Love the stone chair on the 1pic. :) where is the Heritage/Vintage shop located?
    Looking for some old vintage furnishig. :)

  3. aenurmcmxc
    aenurmcmxc ·

    The film makes Singapore looks oldie,which is awesome!

  4. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @hxloon: Thanks!

  5. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @aenurmcmxc: Thanks! I like this look too.

  6. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @jaszee: It's along Jln Sultan road. Opposite the textile centre.

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