Intricate Art Made from Toilet Paper Tubes


Do you have some toilet paper tubes ready to be discarded? Don't throw them away yet! Take a look at some of these amazing artworks made using this unique material and be inspired!

Maybe you’ve seen the beautiful disposable coffee cup illustrations that we featured some time ago. Now, we bring you yet another collection of amazing art made using a material that we usually ignore and throw away without batting an eyelash.

Instead of throwing them straight into the trash bin, French artist Anastassia Elias works wonders with them; after all, they are rather sturdy. She takes some toilet paper tubes and fills the small area with miniature scenes. When held against the light, these unique artworks also transform into beautiful shadow boxes, enhancing their effect.

What a rather clever use for a toilet paper tube, don’t you guys think? Tell us what you think with a comment below!

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