The Ultimate Project: Creating a Lomo House


I was sick, and it was a rainy day. There was nothing to do, and so much time to waste! Then I spotted two things: an empty shelf in my closet, and the overclouded shelf of cameras. Then it hit me. I am going to make the ULTIMATE Lomo-home for my cameras. And here is how you can to!

My (old) shelf of cameras was ridiculous. Straps, accessories, cameras, lens caps EVERYWHERE! It may be fall, but I did a little spring cleaning. It is perfect for a rainy day, and utilizes your Lomography skills to the fullest!

Before and After:

Here are the materials you will need:
  • Scissors
  • An empty shelf, shelf in a closet, or just a shelf in general
  • Tapes (preferably duck tape and clear stander tape)
  • Cameras!
  • Plastic Bags
  • Prints
  • Film Negatives and the Envelope they came in
  • Optional: Lomography Posters, A box, CD’s of your scans, Lomo Books

First thing you are going to do is make our own miniature Lomo-wall. First line up the appropriate amount of prints vertically to fill up half of the back wall of your shelf. Then, flip the prints and tape the back of them together (or use your Fotoclips). Tape the back of the prints, not the front, because tape peels of easier and doesn’t ruin your prints if you tear it off. Then, once they are all taped together flip them over and tape the place tape on the top photo. Tape the line of photos onto the wall, and repeat until the wall is full.

Next: I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of little tid-bit accessories that I receive with my cameras (frames, flash filters, 35mm backs, etc). Here is your solution: Put one accessories in a little plastic bag, label it, put a piece of tape on the inside of the baggie, and stick it to the wall! One note: depending on how heavy the object is, differs the tape you have to use. For heavier objects use duck tape, for lighter objects use regular tape. Or just to be safer than sorry, use duck tape for all of the objects.

All right, this is time consuming I know, but bear with me. Next step is organizing your used roles of film from your "to be used " roles of film. Here is where having a closet helps to. On the two sides of your closet/shelf you are going to tape on gallon bags. Label them whatever you please, I labeled mine “used” and “not used.” Then fill them with film! Also one thing to put on the sides are your favorite lomo-posters. They are great decoration.

Here is what mine looked like at this point:

Next step is easy: install your colorful Cameras! Mine are much more suited in their new shelf then they where their old… And it is a lot more fun!

Next step is optional, but it is a good way to organize your prints, negatives, and scans. For scans (mine are on a disk) and negatives: I hung up on the wall two envelopes from the much beloved Lomo-lab and stuck my disks and negatives right in. I would suggest you use duck tape for them. Next I put my prints in a box, decorated it a little with inspiration from this article. Then installed that box right next to my cameras.

Finally, the last step. This is optional, but I put all of my lomo-books in my lomo-house for a little decoration.

Call me crazy, but this was fun and it was a neat little addition to my room. It is a perfect thing to do when it is rainy outside, you are cleaning your stuff out, when you are sick, or you are just really bored.

written by abigail0605 on 2012-09-24 in #gear #tipster #organization #project #cameras #fun #tutorial #time #creative #decoration #lomo #original


  1. jaredrubin99
    jaredrubin99 ·

    cant wait to try this, looks like fun!

  2. abigail0605
    abigail0605 ·

    Oh it is!

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Very nice, it looks so cool!

  4. abigail0605
    abigail0605 ·

    thank you!

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