London Documented from 1920 - 1933

Peer into London's pier and other sights during the first half of the 20th Century. The collection of black and whites you'll soon witness is by George Davison Reid, a man with a vision to document life in London.

Images via Retronaut

George Reid took over 700 photographs of London over the course of a decade. He died before his work was completed, though, with the portable, consumer cameras that became more than commonplace after his death, he would have been happy to know his work is still continuing to this day.

Just check out our Lomographs, London style:

Credits: bsmart, sandkorn, mrmostarr, buckshot & lolfox

The medium doesn’t have to upgrade to capture contemporary life. Fashion, buildings, and the contents framed in the picture highlight change. Every photograph we take is a documentation, and our website is an archive that’s as precious as a rare-film archive! Only difference? It’s accessible to all at any time of the day!

This article was inspired by a Retronaut post.

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