Book Covers in Lomographs

I love books way too much. If that was even possible. For anyone else who has often wished that they could meet the characters from their favorite books, look no further than your Lomographs!

Here’s a whistle stop tour of my all-time favorite books; I’m always looking for new and different books to read, so if anyone has favorites that they want to share, please do!

  1. - A Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde.
Credits: raejk14

One of Wilde’s more contemplative novels, here Oscar presents the idea of a flawless youth – Mr Gray – who cannot become tainted by his sordid activities or lack of morality. Instead, a portrait of Dorian’s youthful self grows ugly and twisted, reflecting the damage that affects his very soul. What will happen when the two come face to face?

The main theme of this book, for me, is youth. And the way that Lomography; photography, can capture these moments, and immortalize the likes of John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, and my friend Henry.

  1. - Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare
Credits: raejk14, hhjm & lislisdotnet

Who doesn’t love a good romance?! If Shakespeare had been alive today, Fifty Shades of Grey would have had a fight on its hands! These starstruck lovers have inspired and captivated generations of teenage romanticists, fantasists and until-death-do-us-part-ists.

Photographs of couples are always cute, and I love taking them, but these ones, taken by @hhjm and @lislisdotnet are some of my all-time romantic favorites.

  1. - The Thief Lord, Cornelia Funke
Credits: raejk14

In the dense Italian alleyways and canals of Venice, inside an abandoned playhouse, live a band of street children, led by their enigmatic leader, Master Scorpio. Venice is just one of those cities. It’s smelly in the summertime, and expensive, and the tourists suck, but it’s Venice! It reminds me of ancient waterways and awesome culture, how amazed I used to be by London when I was a little kid.

  1. - Keep the Aspidistra Flying, George Orwell
Credits: raejk14

With typical Orwellian grace, this novel does not exactly have the ‘feel good factor’. But it does make you think about what’s really important, and what you spend your money on, versus the real cost. If I had to Lomographize the front cover of my copy, it would have to be this photo. This is my Dad, standing in front of the home that he built (literally and metaphorically). In the book, Gordon Comstock struggles against ‘the money-god’ and his influence, and I see in this photo the optimism that Orwell never provides!

  1. - Franny and Zooey, J.D.Salinger
Credits: raejk14

My favorite book of all time. Probably one of Salinger’s lesser-known works, it is a stunning love story of an altogether different kind; perfectly characterizing the fondness and love that a brother can feel for his little sister.

Please share your favorites, I’d love to read them!

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