Sizzling Hot Summer in Hong Kong: Shek O Beach

Where's a fantastic hangout and a popular destination for a sensational summer day of fun? The Shek O Beach, without a doubt!

The Shek O Beach is a famous tourist attraction, and it is not without reason. The beach is nothing like the many other quieter beaches in Hong Kong, and it exudes exuberance and liveliness. Also, unlike the other quieter beaches, vivid beach parasols are available for rent at 100 HKD. Beach chairs are also available for rent, and the prices are negotiable.

Under the sea of psychedelic beach parasols, one can see that the beach is not only a good place to suntan, but also a great social hangout where friends can gather for merry-making. As for solitary visitors, there is no need to fret that you’ll feel left out, because there are many other visitors going solo who are there to build sand castles, as well as indulge themselves in a good read.

Of course, don’t forget your beach towels, beach toys, and a (waterproof) camera!

How else can you capture the beauty of such a beach?

written by artmusicphotography on 2012-09-14 in #world #locations #summer #hong-kong #shek-o #beach #island #escape-from-the-city #select-type-of-location

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