La Sardina Wardrobe Artist — Eva Cheung's La Sardina DIY


If we were to pick a colour to represent Eva Cheung (a young model), it has to be the pink that always surrounds her. She loves animations, cartoons, and she's heavily influenced by 80s pop culture. Let's see what the concept behind her customized La Sardina DIY and check out the behind the scenes of her La Sardina Wardrobe artwork.

Eva Cheung

1. Why were you interested in this La Sardina Wardrobe Project ?
I’ve always thought that all versions of La Sardina were very interesting, had great personalities, and were very special with very different designs. So I accepted the invitation without any hesitation!

2. What was your first impression of the La Sardina DIY ?
It looks like a piece of white paper, and I felt like adding something on it!

3. What’s your initial idea of designing this La Sardina ?
I love everything pink and dreamy. I wanted to make this La Sardina my dreamland, filled with all the toys I like, and some cartoon characters popular back in the 80s… Care Bears, Popples, Yum Yums, Unicorns etc. They aren’t just lovely, they represent pop-culture as well!

Eva Cheung 的 La Sardina DIY 作品

4. What message are you hoping to convey with your La Sardina DIY artwork?
The theme of this La Sardina is the 80s dreamy cartoon style. My intention is for it to evoke childhood memories in the audience.

5. Would you mind sharing some tips or thoughts with all the DIY newbies?
Tips? There aren’t any really, just follow your heart!

I always try, here and there, to solve the puzzle in my mind. Sometimes it gets worse and I get really down, but it’s also then that I lean a better way to improve! So just be brave and just do it.

Thanks for completing this interview with us on Lomography magazine

If you would like to see Eva’s La Sardina, drop by the Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan. You may also visit her blog and Facebook page to keep updated with her new artwork!

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party

The white canvas offers infinite imagination. In order to showcase the special characteristic of the La Sardina DIY, Lomography has recently invited 11 local, well-known, creatives to design 11 different styles of this all-white La Sardina DIY . They are all on display currently, so stop by to have a look! More artworks are showcased on our Facebook and Online Magazine.

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