The 3rd Annual Paws For The Cause Returns With A Photographic Spin!

Last year, the Lomography Canada team attended the 2nd annual Paws for the Cause gala. We had a blast checking out the doggy fashion show and supporting a great cause. This year, co-founder Laura Serra and special guest Theron Humphrey adds an artistic twist to the main event of the year. Read on to see what they had to say!

The Paws for the Cause gala has become one of Toronto’s swankiest events of the year – for dogs! With a great cause behind a super fun event, we thought we’d give you a preview of what’s happening at this year’s gala. We got to speak with co-founder Laura Serra and also, this year’s special guest, Theron Humphrey, the mastermind behind Maddie on Things.

Photo taken with the LOMO LC-Wide

Laura Serra

Tell us about Paws for the Cause and where the whole idea came from. Also, let us know about the third annual Gala in Toronto this year.

Paws for the Cause was born out of a very difficult, personal experience. After a $10,000 surgery bill for my Chihuahua, I realized that there are many dog owners who can’t afford life saving surgeries and are forced to put their dogs down – I wanted to be able to help foot their bill by way of a non-profit organization. Today, Paws for the Cause will subsidize surgeries for qualifying applicants via our partnership with the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic in Toronto.

Each year we host a party to raise money for an animal welfare charity. This year, our third annual gala will be held at 99 Sudbury on October 11, 2012 and it’s themed 99 Problems But a B*itch Ain’t One. Themed all things 99, the event will feature the debut Canadian exhibit for photographer Theron Humphrey of Tickets can be purchased on our website at

For the first two years, the fashion show was the main event of the Gala. What prompted the change to a more photographic approach this time around?

Firstly, we were inspired by Theron’s blog and once we made contact with him and heard he wanted to come to our event, we wanted to do something to honour his work. We also wanted to branch out of the fashion world (don’t get us wrong, the dog fashion show will always live in our hearts) and appeal to dog lovers in different industries. We also all really love art and photography, too.

How can people get involved with Paws for the Cause?

Come to our party! That shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Party for a good cause? Buy tickets on our website or even make a small donation – anything counts. Most importantly? Help spread our word. The more people who know about us, and donate, the more animals we save.

We at Lomography have always been huge supporters of dogs and pets – they make for great subjects to shoot photos of! Are there any Lomographers in the Paws team? If so, what are your favourite Lomography cameras to use (or cameras you’d like to use) for shooting your furry friends?

None of us are Lomographers yet, but the La Sardina looks so cool and we’d love to have a Paws inspired Diana camera. :)

Photo via

Theron Humphrey

Can you describe the project Maddie on Things? Where did the idea come from? When did you start?

This is a super serious project about dogs and physics. Not really, it’s a project about my dog standing on funny or strange settings. The Maddie images evolved organically, I suppose like a lot of good things in life do. Maddie is a lighthearted pause to my daily life. I love meeting new folks and hearing their stories, but some days it feels draining. I always have to be on. But Maddie is easy to photograph, she’s always there! For close to seven months we’ve spent every day together. It’s become a way for me to breathe from my daily life, to do something funny.

How did you get involved with Paws for the Cause this year?

Laura reached out to be a few moons ago about the idea of doing an exhibition in Toronto. It was an easy sell for me. They are doing great things up there [In Toronto]. It was an awesome opportunity to help them fundraise and show the Maddie images as big prints, not just images on the web.

Do you own any Lomography or analogue cameras yourself and do you use film in your photography?

When I was in school my professor gave me her Diana camera – it was an original from the 1960’s. I loved that camera. I still have it actually. I did drop it a few times along the way. You can just glue those things back together and they keep going.

What Lomography camera would you add to your collection next?

I don’t shoot much film these days, but I keep seeing folks with 35mm cameras. I’d like to pick one up and start shooting again. Like most photographers out there film was a huge part of our identity. Picking the brand, the film speed, and dropping the roll off at a lab. I miss that. I’d like to use the Diana Mini. Seems neat.

For more information on Paws for the Cause, check out their official website

For more information on Theron Humphrey, check out his official website

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