Get Away from the City and Discover Southampton


I love this park and fell in love here too. It has everything I want from a park, and its right at my doorstep. It seems a million miles away from the city.

Credits: djramsay

If you are ever in Southampton, take an hour out with your camera bag and go for a walk around the common.

Credits: djramsay

There is a really old and spooky graveyard, full of history

It’s beautiful and full of wildlife, I must have a dozen rolls from here waiting to be sent to the lab.

Credits: djramsay

A great play park (in the summer) and loads of fun in the rain.

Credits: djramsay

There is also a lovely pub if you need to get your energy back

Oh and did I mention the lake? with beautiful swans.

Credits: djramsay

If it gets too much for you, just relax under the sun.

Credits: djramsay

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  1. carrie27
    carrie27 ·

    Brilliant :-) x

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