Jewish Town Prague


Mysterious atmosphere and places linked with Prague Jewish town.

Old Golden Prague and especially surround of Jewish town in central Prague is world known with his mysterious atmosphere and places linked with legends about Golem, rabbi Loewe, Franc Kafka etc. Mostly there is just pitfall for tourist. A lot of places is now changed for luxury shops, restaurants, coffee … But if you will see around carefully you can still find a details and places like from old times. Especially magic and mystic looks this places at the evenings during sunshine’s.

Go on Vltavas waterfront between Czech and Manes bridges, small streets near Jewish town and Synagogue, look in luxury Paris street / and you will see a lot of contrasts and magic details. Its also wonderful examination of architecture from Romanian style through renaissance, baroque, classicism style till 20th century art deco and cubism. So … don forget if you will visit Prague – looks on details – not only on Prague Castle and Charles bridge … and beer.

written by drumfire on 2009-09-12 in #world #locations


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    oh, very interesting (I am not ironic), but where are the photos?

  2. nural
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    Lomographer Was Here! Nural

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