The Canon ELPH LT is an Advanced Photography System camera. Yes it really is a film camera even though ti doesn't look like it.

I have this great little camera I have used many years, It is a Canon Elph LT. A little point and shoot APS analog camera at its best. I have carried it around in my pocket so much all the corners are burnished down to black; like little photo corners. APS (Advanced Photographic Systems) is yet another brainy Idea from Kodak. Kodak paid a research company some very serious money to look into how and what is the size most people take negatives to print. They found out 97% of prints are made 4×6. So to make a very long and expensive story short; they concluded Jane and John Doe would spend more money to make more prints with smaller negatives. Wow! and the cameras are still very expensive. I guess it is like with drug companies “We must re coop the money we spent on research…”

I got mine at a yard sale for 50 cents some years ago. When I first started using The ELPH, people thought it was a digital camera. Sometimes after I took a shot, people would ask me to show them the photograph. There are lots of cool features built into this little pocket wonder. I like the little spring action door lens cover; it really keeps the pocket lent and coins from damaging the lens. It has a super sharp little 23mm Canon lens. The camera will shoot in three different frame feature on one roll: C, H, P, Prints come in 4×6″ (classical), 4×7″ (HDTV) and 4×12″ (panoramic). Classical means “crop the sides,” while panoramic means “crop the top and bottom.” The form-factor is recorded when you take the picture, but you can override your choice when reprinting. After the film has been shot and exposed it is all rolled back into the cassette. The shots from this camera are not for grand blow ups, but it is a pretty good little pocket point and shoot.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Wow great results for such price !

  2. dogma
    dogma ·

    Interesting :)

  3. netsrik
    netsrik ·

    Nice! 8 is funny :) Looks like a nice cam!

  4. alpacaangel
    alpacaangel ·

    love the hotdog stand shot and the pale almost green complexion on the doll

  5. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Thank you for the likes and taking the time to make nice comments..

  6. juliette82
    juliette82 ·

    I just found this camera and some 200 Kodak film in my house. My questions are a) is that the right film for this camera? and b) do regular camera shops develop this kind of film?
    Great photos by the way!

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