The Palio of Baradello Castle

Every year at the end of August, there is in Como a historical celebration for the visit of Emperor Frederick I in 1159. Here you can see some photos of this event taken with some rangefinder cameras.

Como, June 1159. The German Emperor Frederick I, called ‘Barbarossa’ came to visit Como after defeating Milan. Every year at the end of August, there is a two-week celebration of this event, called The Palio of Baradello, from the name of the famous castle. The Baradello Castle is a military fortification built in 1159 by the Emperor on a 430-meter high hill near Como.

During these two weeks, the villages participating in the Palio, compete in a series of folkloristic competitions, like the wheelbarrow race and the tug of war. The Palio begins on August 30, with a prayer led by the Bishop of Como and the votive candle offering ceremony by the villages. The next Sunday, the Emperor “Barbarossa” and the Empress enters the city, welcomed by Bishop “Ardizzone”. The herald reads the notice of the entry. This is followed by a floral tribute to the Emperor all in the presence of talented flag throwers.

After two weeks of competitions, the Palio culminates in a parade through the streets of Como, with hundreds of participants, and with the awarding of the winning teams, in a fascinating triumph of flags and music.

And while the witch is conducted to the stake, the authorities provide assistance during the grand finale of the event!

Do not miss the 2012 celebration!

All these photos were taken with a Zorki 4k, Fed 5, and a Canonet QL17 GIII cameras.

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