Diana F+ El Toro: My First Medium Format Camera


When I decided to try medium format photography, I was indecisive on whether to begin with a Holga or a Diana F+. But after I laid eyes on the beautiful red and black El Toro edition of the Diana F+ on the Lomography shop site, I was sold. Keep reading for my review.

The Diana F+ El Toro clone—beautifully designed in a red and black Spanish motif—was created to commemorate the Diana+ World Tour in Spain back in 2009. We often associate things such as flamenco, la tomatina, and tapas with Spain, and one of the main icon that represents Spain is the ferocious bull. So what’s a better image to represent Spain than the bull’s mighty horns?

Diana F+ El Toro

Let me start with the basics. The Lomography Diana F+, a recreation of the classic 1960s Diana, has some of the same characteristics of its predecessor such as the light camera body and a plastic lens that produces soft, dreamy and vignetted images. The camera has two shutter speed settings (N and B), four different apertures and the ability to shoot 12 or 16 shots in a roll of 120 film, wide angle pinhole shots as well as endless panoramas.

Credits: amytam

In my opinion, Diana F+ is a great medium format camera that is suitable for everyone. When I purchased this, three years ago, as a beginner in analogue photography, it was a great starter camera that was easy to use. The aperture setting is depicted with pictures (sun, partial clouds, full clouds) and makes it effortless to chose the correct setting without having to understand the technical and confusing aperture numbers.

Credits: amytam

Three years and more experience later, I still prefer this camera over my others because it is light and uncomplicated. Shooting is quick and simple and when accompanied with the many compatible accessories and lens, you can have better artistic control over your photos. My two favourite is the Diana Instant Back+ and the 55mm wide angle lens.

Diana F+ x Instant Back

Most importantly, as a vain individual, my El Toro makes a great addition to my outfit and adds a pop of colour to my usual dark attire. The El Toro packages come with the Diana F+ Flash in black and a twelve pack colour flash gels which makes shooting at night more fun and colourful.

Diana F+ x Flash

The Diana F+ is a great camera and it is still my favourite medium format camera. It’s my go-to camera when I travel and I still love it after three years!

The Diana F+ El Toro was crafted to celebrate the Diana World Tour in Spain. Coated in fiery red, this special edition camera has the same capabilities as the original Diana F+. See it with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

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