LomoMatrix İstanbul Live!

We are so excited to introduce the LomoMatrix Istanbul video. If you are wondering what was the people were doing in Tophane last Saturday keep reading:

In Saturday July 21th, we met in the Gallery store and we all went down to Tophane together. For the First LomoMatrix in Turkey, everything was ready and everybody was thinking about how to jump

With the surprised people around, everybody started jumping in the circle of 25 Lomographers.

What do we have? Words are not enough, you should watch it!


Awesome right?

So we would like to thank; Artemis Günebakanlı for helping us on announcement and concept consultancy, On Numara Kostüm for bringing awesome costumes which made our jumps more fun and Furkan Şafak for shooting and editing this great video.

written by erayalan on 2012-08-06 in #lifestyle

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