See Korea with Mingkie and Her LomoDiary


She has been a Lomographer for already a decade but has only discovered the Community a year ago. In her life with analogue photography, she had her ups and downs but truly found her heart through her LomoHome. Learn more of mingkie's story in this month's LomoDiary!

She dreams to see the world and meet as many as Lomographers that she could! Of course she wouldn’t leave without her Lomo cameras. Let us know more about this Lomographer from South Korea!

Credits: mingkie

Name: Hyoyoung, Choi
Lomography Username: mingkie
Location: Seoul, Korea
Number of years as a Lomographer: About 10 years
Number of years in the Community: A year

Kindly relate to us any memorable experience, whether happy or sad, you’ve had in relation to Lomography.

At the beginning of this year I decided to start new things to celebrate the third decade of my life (now, you my know my age) because I think adding ten years is not growing old but starting a new decade from ‘zero’. I wanted to take pictures more actively and found that Lomography Korea has various programs for people like me. So I took part in a LomoTour in January for the first time: I went to Changgyeonggung Palace, one of the five palaces in Seoul, rode a City Tour Double-Decker bus and tried a LomoMatrix in Gwanghwamun Square! Many people looked at us with curious eyes — imagine that you are surrounded by several people with cameras jumping in the middle of a crowded city. But I was not embarrassed, rather I was really excited. From that time, I participate in LomoTours monthly.

Have you met good friends from the Community?

Whenever I join LomoTours, I meet many new people and keep in touch with some of them personally. I do meet-ups and go out to take pictures. Of course, I meet LomoFriends from all over the world through the Community. By visiting their LomoHomes, I think that I’ve traveled the globe and by that I am inspired by their brilliant pictures. Sharing interest in photos and spending time, we become friends regardless of age, sex, nationality, etc. I love this! Without Lomography, I wouldn’t meet them and even know their existence and vice versa. Haha. On this occasion I want to tell a word of thanks to them for being my LomoFriend!

Credits: mingkie

Did Lomography play any significant part in your life that it actually changed it?

Now, I can’t imagine my life without Lomography. Every month I check Lomography activities such as LomoTours, workshops, and I try to join. Since January I’ve joined every LomoTour that the Lomography Korea staff already calls me a VIP. Also as one of Lomography Korea’s online contributors, I write articles and translate English articles to Korean. I am sure that my life is more creative and enjoyable than last year!

Lomography recalls me of that pure pleasant. Because I work every day, It is not easy to go and travel. But thanks to LomoTour, even if it’s not far from Seoul, I go to new spot at least once a month. It refreshes me from my daily routines.

If ever this experience did not occur in your life, what kind of person are you right now? Are you not the same person without this experience?

I work from 9 am to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays and even on weekends when I have tutoring class. Before, after finishing work I just go home and stay. Meeting people and going out was too annoying for me. I lived but was not alive. Because of that, I made a ‘Place for LomoWalks’ list and went there with my Lomo cameras. When I’ve visited almost every place in that list, I felt like my jar was already getting full. I could remember every moment through pictures that I took — and I like taking pictures of people around me and give them their photos. It’s really happy for me!

Credits: mingkie

With these, my life didn’t turn out boring anymore. Lastly, one of my dreams is to travel the world with my Lomo cameras and to publish my ‘Analogue Travel Note’ which is top of my priorities. I want to meet my friends from the Community personally during my trip and have a LomoWalk with them. My travel note will make up of their stories as well as mine.

Come and travel with mingkie’s gallery of Lomographs and its meaning to her!

Credits: mingkie

Doubles with the Fisheye2

I like taking self-portraits of myself with the MX button of the Fisheye2 and call them “Parallel World Shot” or “Dopplelganger Shot”. These doubles show the two sides of me.

Credits: mingkie

Night View of Seoul

Because of my work, I usually take pictures at night and I realize how beautiful Seoul, in which I live, is. I often go to an observatory or a hill, take a photo with the LC-A and then make a panorama.

Credits: mingkie

LomoTour of Lomography Korea

Last March, I went to Bukchon Hanok Village (a Korean traditional house village) and this photo is my best LomoTour shot. If you have plans to go to Korea or stay in Seoul, check the program schedule here before going.

Credits: mingkie

My LomoFriend

As I’ve said I’ve met many LomoFriends through Lomography. But from outside, my high school friend, bought an LC-A+ White edition and started taking pictures. I usually take LomoWalks with her now and we take many photos of each other. She is not only a good model but also a creative Lomographer like others from our Community. Visit her LomoHome and see her photos!

Credits: mingkie

LomoWalk for myself

During lunch break I take time to walk around our workplace. Luckily, my office is located in the center of Seoul and there are many tourist spots such as Cheonggyeocheon Stream, Gyeongbokgung Palace, museums etc. This picture was taken at King Sejong Museum, Story of Sejong, and my co-workers (he is a professional photographer) became model willingly. I try to go out and record my days shooting around me. I think my whole day is lomowalk itself!

I gather daily photos and have made a photo album called “Dear Diary” on my Lomohome. Those pictures are not wonderful, but they show my days as it is with my thoughts. I have written this photo journal with 12 pages so far and I will keep on doing it. So, come here and visit. :)

Every shot is captured not only having the intention of exposing a good frame, but also recording the time and space that was spent with it: a shutter button is pressed, a story is about to start. And through LomoDiary is where it is being told. Every month, we talk to one of our very esteemed member from the Community to share with us stories behind their Lomographs. Want to be our next storyteller? Drop us a line then at

written by mayeemayee on 2012-08-03 in #lifestyle


  1. grazie
    grazie ·

    very nice article on @mingkie 's lomodiary. Though I'm behind in keeping up with her albums, I really enjoy her lomo diary.

  2. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Thank you for this interview, @mingkie! :)

  3. ewen
    ewen ·

    @mingkie ,i m coming to korea this september!!! Hopefully we can meet up :)

  4. theninjaramen
    theninjaramen ·

    Thanks for this, would really love to visit Seoul this year :)

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