Escape from the City with Man's Best Friend to Desa ParkCity Central Park


Looking for a good place to relax? Why not visit Desa ParkCity Central Park? You can even bring your cute little doggie along. To all dog lovers in the city of Kuala Lumpur, a visit to Desa ParkCity Central Park is a must. The Central Park allows you to do both – slow down or speed up.

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Chill out on its manicured lawns and have a family picnic; a brief respite from the work week rush or get your heart racing by hitting its jogging paths with sprightly vigor. With the idyllic Central Lake at its core, The Central Park truly represents an ideal getaway from the tribulations of city life. The Central Park is not only for humans, but for dogs of all breeds to run around free and mingle with other dogs.

I had a visit to Desa ParkCity Central Park, a few weeks ago with my sister. We don’t have a dog but her friend has one, so we just accompanied her to the park to relax and see all the dogs roaming leash-less around the grassy manicured lawns. Her dog’s name is Pumpkin, and she is utterly, the cutest dog ever.

Credits: xephryrus

Dog lovers will come here with their mats to sit on, where they chill and relax while they release their dogs from their annoying leashes out in the wide open area so their dogs can run around and play with other doggies. I knew I just had to bring my new LC-A+ Russia Day to try it out, and what better way than to take picture of the cute dogs roaming all around the park.

Credits: xephryrus

Don’t have a dog? It’s okay, you can still come and visit this park and play with the dogs. Just make sure to ask permission from their owners, and most importantly, bring a camera! The owners of the dogs wouldn’t mind at all when you take pictures of their dogs. In fact, they’ll feel happy that their dogs are given so much attention.

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