Join the First Introduction to Lomography Workshop in Mexico!

Would you like to become an expert in Lomography? Do you scractch your head when you hear the terms cross-process or medium format? Do you fight with the lab employees everytime you go to process film? Don't worry, for Lomography Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design (MUMEDI) now present the first introductory workshop to Lomography!

In what we think will be the first of many collaborations, Lomography México and MUMEDI will present the very first Introduction to Lomography Workshop. Taking place in Historical downtown Mexico City, this will be an intensive three-day workshop in a big lomographic weekend!

In this workshop, you will be able to try most of the best known lomographic cameras, and take lomographs with all kinds, colours and flavors of lomographic films. An overdose of analog information is guaranteed.

The workshop will take place at MUMEDI, Madero #74, Downtown Mexico City, from July 27 to July 29th, 2012.

For more info and for signing up contact MUMEDI at or call the following phones: (55) 5510 8609 and (55) 5510 8771.

Wait no more! Become a Lomography Master!

written by mil978 on 2012-07-20 in #events

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