Analogue Freshness


Photographer Dan Cretu literally has a fruity imagination. Using produce like oranges, limes, cucumbers and tomatoes, he sculpts analogue objects that look good enough to eat! A salad camera? A citrus bicycle? Even a meaty cassette? Order up!

Photos by Dan Cretu

I’m sure we’ve all been told by our parents not to play with our food, but visual artist Dan Cretu didn’t let that stop him from making these scrumptious masterpieces!

He’s created a hunger-inducing cassette, radio, and bicycle, among many others, but we’re loving his oh-so-tropical renditions of cameras made of chopped and sliced fruit and vegetable pieces! Can you tell which cameras the designs are based on? :-)

Visit Dan Cretu for more info. Sourced from High Snobiety and Foodiggity. (Please tell us if you know more about the artist!)

written by denisesanjose on 2012-07-11 in #news #dan-cretu #news #analogue-cameras #art #analogue-lifestyle

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