Seeing Accidental Doubles: Konica C35 & Superheadz UWS


Which is more exciting? Going to the lab and choosing which film to use or accidental doubles?

I definitely can’t describe the excitement after I got my film developed.

Love this photo! :D

It was crazy, at first glance I was talking to myself -
" What the heck did I just took? When did this happen? Who are the mystery doubles from? I took a fresh film didn’t I? Did the Shop Attendant process the wrong film? "

Loads of questions flying all over my head as I went through the images in my computer and suddenly, I had this feeling, (it’s like a sugar rush to your head, it’s like caffeine took over your mind). I rushed to my fridge to see if the film that I kept for doubles with my friend is still in there…

That’s when I started to realise! The FILM that I’m suppose to do doubles with a friend (Haruagio) of mine was used by me accidentally!

The reason you see the other image as flipped or reversed is due to the loading of the film in the camera. Eg. Normal or most 35mm film cameras load the film from Left to Right, but the UWS was Right to Left. Maybe you guys should try this yourself, because I’m sure I’ll do this again and this time around, NOT BY ACCIDENT.

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written by jaszee on 2012-07-13 in #lifestyle #singapore #doubles #kodak

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