Traveling Is in the Air!

Were you wondering lately what we have been up to? As usual, we were busy spreading the analogue love and somehow reached the air........

Yes! One of the most dashing traveling websites in the world threw a party (that sounded cool and fancy), in Vienna, on the 28th of June, at the Red Room, a bar located on the hard to miss Viennese Ring. And of course, the Lomography team is always keen to go to parties so we headed over for a night of analogue cameras and action!

Are you getting hungry and wondering what this most dashing traveling website is? One little tip: this amazing website is much like Lomography, it has a great community that is global and ultra active. Are you still uncertain?

Ainy Raimondi was hit by the Diana Mini Shoot

Does it help if I say traveling is in the air? Or not, I will just shoot it: last week Lomography met Airbnb!

And there we went! Loaded with our smiley faces and fancy-fancy cameras. We, the ultra-cool Lomography team, showed up and rocked Airbnb’s party where we were welcomed by the very shinny Ayni Raimondi, in charge of events and marketing at AirBNB but also Nathan Blecharczyk, member of the founding team. I regret not asking them, ‘’how does it feel to be a part of those who changed the global traveling approach?” Nevertheless, I bet it must feel good!

Catching up with other individuals embracing a common vision and insatiably spreading joy and fun on a global extent was definitely a fun experience for all of us, and I can’t resist sharing some of the best pictures of the event with you….. This way, you can also uncover the great faces that work on changing the way you see the world!

Simon and I could not resist to go experimental
Nathan Blecharczyk got a crush for our Diana mini (as everyone approaching her)

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