Cadavre Exquis - The Surrealist Parlor Game

Cadavre Exquis or Exquisite Corpse is a Surrealist parlor game that's usually played on paper - by folding the page into quarters and having each player draw one quarter of a person starting with the head or, alternatively, writing a nonsense story starting with the intro. from person 1 and ending on the conclusion with the last player. Meet our lovely concoctions after the jump!

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Credits: momac, shurlybee & grazie

Credits: h_hache, triedtoberichard & demi

Credits: mephisto19 & wuthering-hugs

Credits: goldie, u-t-e & panelomo

Credits: anarchy & lakandula

Credits: earlybird, miriel & lolfox

This article was inspired by The Red List

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