Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 120: A Great Slide Film

Today, it's time to talk about one of my favorite120 films, which is, with no doubt, the Lomography Slide 200. Why do I like it so much? Come and read!

As I was saying, today I’m going to talk about this film, the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200. No doubt it’s one of the best films by Lomography and one of my medium format favorites.

It has quite a significant difference with its 35mm sister, though. This 120 film is a slide film which offers soft tones among them blue, green and yellowish tones with medium contrast and nearly unnoticeable grain. It’s a replica of the old Agfa RSX 200, a mythical slide film in its time. Its 200 ISO makes it very versatile. It’s not a very conventional ISO which will get us off the hook, though. I trust it so much that I used it in one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been: the Roman Coliseum. Some really beautiful pictures came out (It’s not me saying it but all the people who liked and commented them).

Credits: javihacefotos

For the people who don’t control very well the shutter speeds and apertures, here are some tips!

  • In a very sunny and bright day, don’t hesitate to shoot at 1/125 and f/16 aperture or 1/250 and f/11, though it’s the same, you always notice a minimum difference.
  • Sunny days with clouds: Shutter speed 1/125 and aperture f/11
  • Cloudy days: Shutter speed 1/125 and f/8
  • Sunsets: here we have several options according to what the photographer likes. If you like to get silhouettes, shoot at 1/60 f/8 and you’ll get great results. IF what you want is to get the monument or the people perfectly lighted, then you’ll have to lower the speed to 1/30 and f/5.6 approximately.

Here are some more of the pictures I’ve shot with this film!

Credits: javihacefotos

Lomo On!

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