Rainbow Bright: Colors All Around Us

Colorful photographs have always captured the eyes of us Lomographers, here are some of the common meanings that colors convey.

Colors are all around us. As Lomographers, we’re always looking for interesting shades of colors to take a snap of.

Most of the time, we may not realize it, but colors can convey different meanings and evoke different moods for everyone. Here are some of the common meanings of some of the colors around us.

A very strong color often used in warning signs such as “danger” or “stop”. It is most commonly associated with powerful emotions such as passion, war, pride and strength.

Represents fire, sun, warmth, and tropical images. It can also be stimulating for the appetite and mental activity.

Yellow represents youth, fun, happiness, and other joyous feelings. Often used for children’s toys and clothes.

The color of nature and health, it also symbolizes growth, money, and safety. A darker shade would often represent something to do with the military and finance.

It’s a cool and calming color. Conveys creativity, intelligence, loyalty, strength, and trust – that’s why it’s used mostly for corporate logos. It has also been shown to suppress the appetite. It also represents the sky and the sea.

It symbolizes mystery, magic, power, and luxury. Often used in describing kings and powerful leaders.

Info taken from Digitalskratch

written by astilla on 2012-06-29 in #lifestyle

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