Pin It to Win It - A Fisheye Baby 110 Camera!


Here's a chance to get your very own baby - the Fisheye Baby 110, that is! The tiniest and latest addition to the Lomography family is up for grabs, all you have to do is get busy on Pinterest. Find more details under the cut ...

Still haven’t gotten a Fisheye Baby 110 Camera yet? Create a Fisheye Baby board on Pinterest and you could win one!

The Mechanics:

1. Follow Lomography on Pinterest and “like” us on Facebook.

2. Create your “Fisheye Baby 110” board on your Pinterest account. Pin Fisheye Baby 110 with these photos:

Fill up the rest of the board with Fisheye Baby 110 sample photos from this gallery.

3. Your description of the photos must include the #Lomography hashtag. Boards without the “Lomography Fisheye Baby 110” title or category will not be eligible.

4. Submit your board in the comments box below and tell us why you want to win.

5. The winner will be selected by Lomography and will receive a Fisheye Baby 110.

Increase your chances of winning by sharing your board with your friends! This rumble will last for one week, so keep pinning!

Here is an example of the Fisheye Baby 110 board for your reference:

Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Board at Pinterest

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  1. deprofundis
    deprofundis ·

    yeah this is my board
    And I want to win because I fell in love with this little creature and I want it to keep with me 24h 7days

  2. darrenbester
    darrenbester ·

    I've just discovered Lomography.. I know.. Where have I been.... And now I cant get enough. I want more.

  3. scarletmind
    scarletmind ·

    this is mine!
    I'd love to win it because is too cute to leave it in the shop!

  4. niasarinastiti
    niasarinastiti ·
    I want to win because the Fisheye Baby 110 is so cute and small, I can carry it everywhere (to share more analogue love of course!) :D

  5. stratski
    stratski ·
    I'm not really convinced of this whole fisheye thing, but I would love to be proven wrong and fall in love with the Fishey Baby!

  6. dixtin
    dixtin ·
    I want to win because the last time I used 110 film was on a mickey instamatic (when I was 11).. it would be fun to have this camera and relive my childhood memories. I'm gonna name it Nemo! :D

  7. holalomo
    holalomo · I want to win the Fisheye Baby 110 because I want to take awesome pictures. I'm travelling to Hong Kong in a week and for 3 months, and I would love to have Fisheye pictures to share my best travelling moments in Asia !

  8. wendyraeann
    wendyraeann ·… The Fisheye Baby 110 is so awesome! I want to wear it daily as a necklace/fashion accessory, not just because it looks cool, but to capture all the "oohs," "aahhs," and "is that a real camera?" questions i will be getting on teeny tiny 110 film! *here fishy, fishy, fishy*... }<<<)º< <3

  9. exquisitenat
    exquisitenat ·

    The camera is super cute and if I have it, it will relieve some serious stress while I'm studying for the bar exam!

  10. abzillatong
    abzillatong ·
    I'd loveee to win this camera because it's tiny like me.. and I want to prove to the world that great things come in small packages ;D

  11. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I want to give this fisheye baby to my BABY :D I want to make her happy

  12. waffellebelgium
    waffellebelgium ·

    I want to win because i love lomo. i have recently been bitten by the shutter bug and would like to take baby fishy with me everywhere i go!

  13. phoenix1206
    phoenix1206 ·
    I want to win because Fisheye baby is cute, compact and above all, awesome

  14. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·

    I don't have any fisheye and I love the small think!

  15. lucinda
    lucinda ·

    I would like to win the fisheye baby 110, because water is the essence of wetness, wetness is the essence of beauty....and I'd use it to take some Zoolander inspired photos!

  16. oranges
    oranges ·

    I've been waiting for a great Lomographic camera to start my journey into the world of film photography. I should win this because it would be my first Lomography camera. I would take pictures of everything! :)

  17. oranges
    oranges ·

    I've been waiting for a great Lomographic camera to start my journey into the world of film photography. I should win this because it would be my first Lomography camera. I would take pictures of everything! :)

  18. oranges
    oranges ·

    ^^ Sorry I accidentally spazzed out and clicked leave comment twice :P

  19. burdette
    burdette ·

    I want to win a fisheye baby 110 because the world is round, baby, and I want to keep this camera with me 'round the clock!

  20. barack31
    barack31 ·

    That sucks I dont have a pinterest. Sad :(

  21. eugenia
    eugenia ·
    beautiful camera ♥‿♥

  22. joncorbettphoto
    joncorbettphoto ·

    Here is my board
    I love the Lomographic community, it is such creative and inspirational world & has revitalised photography! But I want to win a fisheye baby 110 not just for the camera but for the opportunity and the privilege of establishing Lomography as a major force in photography & upholding such a tradition well into the future. I want to be part of it's legacy & to use the fisheye baby 110 to further explore the boundaries of creative photography... plus my girlfriend would be really pleased if I won it! :D

  23. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Here is my board.
    I would love to win because its such a cute camera, that would fit perfect into my small handbag which I carry with me all the time. And it would give me the opportunity to try 110 film, and find somewhere to develope it! Which mean I get to meet lots of new, interesting people! :D

  24. zagher
    zagher ·

    I have the small one, the big one and now I need the middle one to complete the circle!!!

  25. lisaelle
    lisaelle ·

    here's my board:

    I'd like to win 'cos I've just discovered the lo0mo world and I like to try as much products as I can. This camera is absolutely perfect because it's easy to bring HER wherever I want (following the 10 golden rules!!!).

    Finger Crossed

  26. luisavmonteiro
    luisavmonteiro ·

    here's my board, i'd love to win, it's sooo adorable!

  27. elevith
    elevith ·

    my board:

    I would like to win Fisheye Baby 110 because except of my love for Lomography, I have love for photos taken by Fisheye lenses. I love the perspective, the way it modifies people's faces. Plus, it is so small I could take it everywhere with me - I could take photos of the world around me without it even noticing it. Small camera but great fun!

  28. goldenhour
    goldenhour ·

    Perhaps this little camera will inspire me further in my already unusual view of the world. I have always wanted a fish-eye camera. My Holga has been my baby for years, it's time for a new baby. :D

  29. nadxnad
    nadxnad ·

    here's my board:
    I'd love to win it, because my Fisheye2 wants to rule the world and it needs powerful minions!!! :3

  30. ladylavinia
    ladylavinia ·

    Et voila:

    Je le veux, je l'aime je le desire

    I want the Fisheye baby 110,
    I need it
    I desire it

    Bizooo Lady Lavinia

  31. agrimes109
    agrimes109 ·

    This is my board! . I would be enthralled to win this camera because I have such a huge love for vintage and throwback art, especially photography. I am in love with the results of all of the toy cameras and the film looks. I am an artist and pursuing photography as a career and I hope that I can capture the beauty in what people perceive as even the most hideous things, situations, and places. I just love to find the beauty that lies within the world that may be hidden from the everyday eye of people.

  32. magika
    magika ·

    This is my board: :D
    I want to win because it's adorable! *_* and i want it to keep with me wherever, always in my bag! <3

  33. xilikeurbeardx
    xilikeurbeardx ·

    I've done it.

  34. common_oddball
    common_oddball ·

    This is my board:

    I have a Fisheye Camera
    Her name is Ellie-joan
    but often when I travel
    I'm forced to keep her home.
    I need a new companion
    to carry where I go
    that fits into my pocket
    and put up quite a show.
    So Baby Fisheye camera
    Please be mine to own
    And I promise I will never
    ever EVER keep you home.

  35. xilikeurbeardx
    xilikeurbeardx ·

    I'd LOVE to win one. <3

  36. lianakatrina
    lianakatrina ·

    Here's my board:
    I would love to own a tiny fisheye camera to see things in different perspective. Pictures in circle form are unique and always amazing for me :)

  37. sparnuota
    sparnuota ·

    I want to be a Lomography kid!…
    Till now I am sticking around with my SLR. I feel it is time to move forward and to experience Lomography! ;)

  38. beeldsteil
    beeldsteil ·

    What can I say... I love Pinterest&Lomography, so this is the perfect combination! The Fisheye Baby Lomo is def on my wishlist to become my (summer) travel&blog mate.

    Find me on Pinterest:


  39. suboceana
    suboceana ·

    Hi here is my board :) good luck to everybody;fb_act…

  40. zani
    zani ·

    Currently I own an Actionsampler Flash Camera, which I love so much. I think I'm in love with these special cameras.. the outcome when I take a photo is not an ordinary pic. Unique, colourful and stylish. So is the Fisheye Baby!! I've always wanted to try a fisheye camera, now this is my time to not only try, but also own it! :D I'd be the happiest on Earth if I was the winner :)) Please be mine, Fisheye Baby <3
    My Fisheye Baby board on

  41. joana-santinhos-9
    joana-santinhos-9 ·

    "Hi everyone! My name is Fisheye Baby, I'm petite, super cute, and easy to take anywhere! I'd love to win a human, because they always take such good care of me! I'd love to be able to capture all the funny and pretty things they see all the time! Please give me a petite human like me! I promise I'll keep him forever!" :3 "Ho, and here is the board of the human I'd like to have!: "

  42. miuki
    miuki ·

    My board is
    I should win because I LOVE this baby and today is my birthday! :D <3

  43. dani_castillo
    dani_castillo ·

    Hi world!!! My name is Dani, hailing from hot, hot Texas! Whether I'm creating and experimenting with new vegan recipes, causing shenanigans with my best buds, hiking or going on nature bike rides, or just hanging out with my favorite pup, I always have a camera on me!! I'd love to win the precious Fisheye Baby 110 camera because it'd be a fantastic addition to my daily life! I love documenting everything in my life and I'd love to have this little baby to just take with me ANYWHERE bc it's just too darn cute.

    Here's my board:

    Thanks and good luck everyone! <3

  44. jarnebeyls
    jarnebeyls ·

    Here is my board:

    I'm new to Lomography but a year ago I bought a Fisheye camera for my girlfriend who fell in love with it right away. Now my interest in photography grew enormous, especially in analogue photography!
    I'd like to win one of these because I truly believe that with this small, tiny picturebox I could create great pictures to share with you all!

  45. k80dixon
    k80dixon ·

    My board:

    I would just DIE for a Fisheye Baby 110. You have no idea. I lust after this website, day after day. I've gotten old film before and received some keychains as gifts, but only have ONE Lomo camera. I love it and use it all the time, but I NEED MORE! It's a heartbreaking addiction... I have an Oktomat. Even though I can only take it around in my camera bag, I've captured some awesome memories on it. But nothing compares to the look of a Fisheye (Baby!). I have always ALWAYS wanted a fisheye. I've settled for homemade digital lenses, but I can't take it anymore. The #Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 is the perfect camera for me. Small and totable so not a moment is missed! And the perfect new fix for my lomo-starved brain.

  46. dgravity
    dgravity ·

    here is my board:
    I love my 35mm fisheye camera and I would love to have the baby one that is even easier to take everywhere with me!

  47. miaojai
    miaojai ·

    My board:

    I ♥ this

    F antastic &
    I nspiring,
    S urprisingly
    H andy &
    E asy to carry,
    Y outhful,
    E xperimental,

    B rilliantly designed,
    A dorable,
    B eautiful,
    Y et petite

    110 Camera!

    Give me one please! x

  48. farore12
    farore12 ·

    Here is where you can find my board:
    Recently started using film; would love to win a funky little camera and start experimenting with color film!

  49. ljguevara
    ljguevara ·

    I would love to have Fish Eye Baby 110, it's small, convenient and CUTE!! Started using the Diana F+ with the Instaback and its so much fun, I personally think that Lomography cameras add more sentimental value to the memory! I think the Fish Eye Baby back would be super convenient for those "ooh that's cool/weird/funny/cute/awkward" moments that just make life so special :)

  50. nandaurbano
    nandaurbano ·

    I deserve to win because I'm as sweet as Fish Eye Baby. This camera suits me! :)

  51. silverluna
    silverluna ·

    This little cutie goes great with my Lomography collection :D I'm pretty sure they would love to have a new member in our Lomography family and I sure would appreciated!

  52. katezhulyn
    katezhulyn ·

    This is my board
    I would like to own that tiny Fisheye Baby 110 camera because I want to take it everywhere with me!I would like to discover this big world with the "small eye"!I want to experience those cute shot in my life,I think it would be my great collection with memories!!^^

  53. tikismeekis
    tikismeekis ·

    My Lomography Fisheye Baby pinterest board:

    I'd love to win a Fisheye Baby 110 because it's sooooo cute! And I really like it to welcome her to my Lomo family and put her next to her big sis my Fisheye no.2!!! No.2 will take care of her little sister and show her the secrets of Lomography!! ^_^

  54. ramameygs
    ramameygs ·

    Here's my board

    I want to win a Fisheye Baby 110 because I want others to see the world in a different perspective and capture our beautiful life using this Lomo camera. :)

  55. katkina
    katkina ·

    here's my board:
    I'd like the Fisheye Baby 110 because it's a perfect camera that allows you to follow rule #1: take your camera everywhere you go!!

  56. sammystar
    sammystar · - My board

    I'd like to win this as i have fallen deeply in love with the analogue life and need this camera, my life would not be complete until i add this camera to my collection. I love to experiment with various film and can't wait to show my friends and family our beautiful world through the eyes of this 110 baby.

  57. cmjohns912
    cmjohns912 · - This is the link for my board. Thanks for a great contest. I would love to have this little baby.

  58. kzzzy
    kzzzy ·

    This is my board
    I want to win so baddddd because I love lomography but unfortunately I cannot afford to buy a camera. Lomography is my favourite style of photography because each photo looks different and also because I love the colours and the photos look so alive. This camera would be very helpful for me gain experience in photography because next year I want to go to photography school. I think it's very cute but useful at the same time and I would definitely take it everywhere with me :D

  59. chloeackers
    chloeackers ·
    I would LOVE to win a little baby fisheye purely because of its adorable size, it makes people stop and go “naww, isn’t that cute, I want one!” also because it is so small it is easier to take out on day trips with friends! It would also make a great accessory for my bag! :)

  60. elany
    elany ·

    I want to carry my photo camera's everywhere I go but most of the time they are to big to take with me. so with this one I wouldn't have any more problems I could take it every where. :)

  61. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    I want to "Go Close, Go Cute" with all my friend and pet in the surrounding. Fisheye Baby 110 is the closest choice between analogue cameras!!! That's why I wanna win it, and share my analogue love to everyone!!!

  62. tak_nie
    tak_nie ·


    Dear Fisheye Baby
    let me explain you maybe
    why I wish you were mine.
    It was long time ago,
    I almost got crazy while I listened to Patrick Swayze.
    But then you appeared
    everything was cleared.
    He sang a song about you
    I think I could sing it to you too.

    Am I just fooling myself
    That you'll stop the pain
    Living without you
    I'd go insane

    You look so fine, you're just divine.
    Please, be mine.

  63. tak_nie
    tak_nie ·

    Dear Fisheye Baby
    let me explain you maybe
    why I wish you were mine.
    It was long time ago,
    I almost got crazy while I listened to Patrick Swayze.
    But then you appeared
    everything was cleared.
    He sang a song about you
    I think I could sing it to you too.
    Am I just fooling myself
    That you'll stop the pain
    Living without you
    I'd go insane
    You look so fine, you're just divine.
    Please, be mine.

  64. arrebol
    arrebol ·

    So, here it is:!
    I do love photography; even though it is hard for me to keep up with this community, because I live in Brazil and do not have that much money... But I try as much as I can to get this lovely cameras through late nights translating each and every article I find, and I am managing it.
    When I heard about the Fisheye Baby 110, I freaked out; not only was it a fisheye, it was also a mini version with 110 film! It was, like, all the 3 at the same time!!!!
    I want it so badly, I have not stopped translating for not even a minute, so I get as many piggies I need to buy it.
    I just wish I could win this, so then I would be able to spend these piggies on film, shoot some awesome pictures here in my city and share the love around the neighborhood.
    Hope I win :D

  65. dudizm
    dudizm ·

    My board

  66. dudizm
  67. alabama99
    alabama99 ·

    Hi there,

    Firstly, here's my link:

    I am not great at explaining why I want something but I'll try my best!

    About 10 years ago, I had a film SLR which I used to experiment with, taking photos of pretty much anything, even some I was secretly pretty proud of. That SLR was B I G and it became increasingly expensive getting film developed. Also, once I'd had a taste of digital, it was not great for my impatient side!

    So I bought a compact digital which I've used ever since; it's great for keeping in my bag and I love many of the pictures I've taken with it since. The problem is that there is nowhere to go with it, creativity-wise. While I'm desperate to find a camera that offers more of a challenge and inspires my creative side, I also have a superslim budget.

    Having recently stumbled upon Lomography and having since spent hours poring over the images in the Fisheye Baby gallery, I think I am in love a little bit! I'm definitely no professional and I feel daft even calling myself an 'amateur photographer' (it just sounds silly to me). I'm just someone who enjoys taking pictures and seeing how they turn out; I don't always get it right but I get enjoyment out of doing it anyway. I would be thrilled to take my next step with a Fisheye Baby.

  68. begmakn
    begmakn ·

    I want to look with a baby and see them all. A different viewpoint and the tiniest love!

  69. legendarylynn
    legendarylynn ·

    this is my pinterest board! I'd love to win because it has so many new possibilities for me to try out!

  70. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 · my little board... she is just cute.. look at her in the lomoshop barcelona

  71. aoifemccollum
    aoifemccollum ·

    Because, well look at it, who wouldn't want that amazingly cute creation! The adventures you could have with it is never ending.

  72. angelabording
    angelabording ·
    I'd love to win because its so darn cute and convenient to keep with me at all times. It'd also be a great conversation piece to start explaining Lomography to future Lomographers :)

  73. xaviru
    xaviru ·

    here is my board!
    I'm new on pinterest, and lomography is the first thing that I pined!

  74. pattyequalsawesome
    pattyequalsawesome ·

    My board:

    :) Because you guys always inspire me to come back to the things that really make me feel alive and real. Lomography, love, light, life. It's all intertwined. You guys are inspirational, sensational. Thank you for all the motivation :)

  75. adibahamir
    adibahamir ·

    This is a perfect lomography camera that I want to give to my brother for his 16th birthday this coming July as his first lomo camera :)

  76. robertisagoldengod
    robertisagoldengod ·

    here it is!
    I need this baby, since I am desperately craving to add it into my collection! Tiny, adorable, and something definitely new for me-110 films!

  77. crimson-ghost
    crimson-ghost ·

    Here's my board:

    I'd like to win the fisheye because I really like the effect. I'll carry it with me on vacation and I could capture every beautiful moment. Develop the film and have a memory of them. (and I will also laugh a lot when I'll see the head of my friends with the fisheye effect! :D )

  78. ashlee_
    ashlee_ ·

    I'd be a happy lomo-lover with this head turner :) Please pick me . I'd love to explore my world through the eyes of a ' baby fish ' :) It's time to play !
    <*)))) ><

  79. opifex
    opifex ·

    I've been wanting to give 110 film a try for a while now, and this adorable camera seems like such a great place to start.

  80. laraandres
    laraandres ·

    Oh man do I want this camera! Please, please, please hook me up Lomography! The more diverse my camera collection gets the more diverse my contributions to the Lomoverse will be!! I love taking my cameras with me EVERYWHERE! I currently have 2 Lomo cameras if I get a 3rd I can justify buying a camera bag to keep them safe and to make it easier to capture the world around me and share it with you! Check out my board!

  81. sunnyehlow
    sunnyehlow ·

    Well, I just WANT IT! No particular reason why.

  82. natalialincoln
    natalialincoln ·

    I have a different way to look at things and I need the Fisheye baby 110 to translate it and show it the whole word! Plus, I need the Fisheye baby 110 to match my Mini Diana!! Plus 2, I need to be the first Brazilian to have it!! (!!!) This is my board at pinterest inspirations: Enjoy! Tks!

  83. titapita
    titapita ·

    Be my summer Santa you won't regret it...I want Fisheye Baby 110 so much..After colorsplash and mini Diana this little fisheye will be always with me...My board

  84. kirstiealexandria
    kirstiealexandria ·

    I want to win because I'm a photo major and one of the photos that I used for my portfolio to get into college was one I took with the lomography fisheye. It'd be so awesome to win a baby fisheye so that I could take even more awesome photographs for my ever-growing portfolio! :D

  85. rainbowstar
    rainbowstar · because the lomography camera has a very low weight, is small and he looks really good ! the pictures are beautiful and i love it to have the pictures with me instead of putting them on the internet with digital camera's. So every picture is a memory for later. So I would like to have this one ! Something new to share my experience!

  86. clara98
    clara98 ·
    I want to win the Fisheye Baby 110 because I have never been able to experience using 110 film and I would absolutely love to try it and experiment with it. I also love its portability because of its size! It would make me so happy if I won this wonderful camera.

  87. losingc0ntr0l
    losingc0ntr0l ·
    I'd like to win the Fisheye Baby 110 so I can contribute to the amazing collection of Fisheye Baby 110 photos on lomography!

  88. indie_darling
    indie_darling · id like to win because i have always wanted a fisheye but with all the cameras i carry already i think the baby fisheye 110 would be perfect to carry because of its size. also i would want to win because of the way the photos turn out. i always try it with filters on my phone but they never turn out as well as the camera itself. and i know i can make amazing imagery with this camera.

  89. devpriya_mohata
    devpriya_mohata ·

    My Board -
    I want to win because this little bundle of joy takes my breath away! <3

  90. kathepalacio
    kathepalacio ·

    I still can't believe it's size, I don't have a Fisheye and absolutely would love having it and taking it everywhere!
    I love how people and specially animals look in fisheye pictures, I would put it in from of everything with eyes :D

  91. saraaalyn
    saraaalyn ·

    I will use it to record events that happen in my everyday life. I really love nature so I hope to be able to use it to capture the beauty of it and show more people through the pictures.
    I really hope to win it!

  92. barack31
    barack31 ·

    I want to win because I know good things come in small packages. I am not trying to insinuate anything I just cant stop thinking about this little guy. When I am asleep I dream about it. When I am awake I think about it. When I am online I post about it. When I am at the Lomography store I stare at it. But at last I cant seem to find the strength to even hold one of these babies and take it to the cashier because I am so mesmerized by it beauty and petite body. So if I win I guess I will just have to stare at this fisheye camera until I get used to its enchanting good looks and when I finally do beat its spell I will take the best photos I have ever taken. When people walk by me they will have their jaws dropped when they feast their eyes on my gorgeous fisheye baby 110 camera. I will just reply by saying "I know" and I will continue my day taking photos with my baby fisheye camera and the photos this little guy will produces will be as if they were taken by gods.

  93. la_84

  94. robotto_dawad
    robotto_dawad ·

    my board :
    i want to win because i want change this BIG world using this BABY FISHEYE!

  95. snigdha597
    snigdha597 ·


    Because I want to squeeze as much of the world as I can into my Fisheye Baby 110 :D

  96. l-ex
    l-ex ·

    I want it because It is such a cute little camera! I happen to come across the real one, the cuteness of the camera instantly caught my attention with the size similar to a key-chain! It will be very convenient for me to carry it around with that size, totally fit the Lomography style!

  97. aralynlove
    aralynlove ·

    Here is my board: Love this camera!

  98. tak_nie
    tak_nie ·

    so, who won this? :)

  99. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·

    @shhquiet and the winner is?

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