Nine Levels Copper Refinery Taiwan


Doing some Urbex photography has been one of my photography goals this year, but it took awhile to find a good first location. With a bit of research I found out about an old Copper Refinery that dates back to the Japanese Occupation in Taiwan. It closed down in the early 70's and was left abandoned for nature to take over. It's located on the north coast of Taiwan and it would be a full day trip to reach the location.

So on one sunny Sunday I packed my lomo gear and set out on an adventure. A train and two bus rides later, I stood in front of a massive complex deep in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. There was not a soul in sight and I made my way up the mountain to the nearest building. I kept an eye open for any “no trespassing” signs or the like but none were to be found.

I soon realized that the only way in was via a track, where I guess the ore came into the refinery. The track was a good eight feet high off the ground, so it took a bit of gymnastics to get onto it. Then some good balance to walk along the track.

I was greeted with a massive room in severe decay. Just great for some high contrast Fuji Neopan 400 to be loaded into my Horizon Perfekt. I had my trusty light meter with me and after getting the right exposure, I was off taking the first shots.

I explored the complex for a good hour before the weather started turning and I did not want to be caught in a thunderstorm halfway up a mountain. Well I had at least four rolls of Neopan so they had to do.

Once I got home, I started to develop the rolls. I decided to do stand development since I really like the old-time look I get with the Ilford LC29 and Neopan. Once I hanged the negatives to dry, I knew I was awarded with some amazing shots.

It was totally worth it and it’s a place I will probably return to one day since there is still so much to explore.

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    awesome! great shots and great article!

  2. shanti929
    shanti929 ·

    love this!!!
    thanks for taking such great photo for Taiwan! :)

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