Kodak Color Plus 200: A Film for the Outdoors


Kodak Color Plus 200 is a cheap and cheerful accessible film that produces the best photos when used outdoors. Take a look at some of the photos I've taken using this film after the jump!

I got my first film camera around a year ago and knew absolutely nothing about the different kinds of films that were out there. I ripped my Holga K200NM out of the box like an excited child and all I wanted to do was play with my new toy and have fun (isn’t that the spirit of Lomography, after all?). With such ignorance to the different kinds of film, I went on eBay and chose the first item that came up on my search, and this happened to be Kodak Color Plus 200 film.

Hearing so-so reviews about the quality of Color Plus 200 film, I wasn’t sure what to expect — and to be honest I still haven’t been completely won over. I found that when shot with my K200nm camera, outdoor shots gave a sweet grainy effect, that looked as though you’d stepped into a dream, but indoor shots had a tendency to look “foggy” and just missing that certain something to really make them really pop. I’m yet to experiment with cross-processing which I hope will bump up the colours!

However, when I shot this film with my Diana Mini, the outdoor shots were mind-blowing, reliving that gorgeous 1960s retro feel that Lomography is famous for. Indoor shots still held that disappointing cloudy-esque feel, though I did play about with a photo editing software (a Lomography sin I’m ashamed of) and found that the indoor photos could be salvaged if the shadows were increased a little.

As a university student, I find this film to be cheap and cheerful and easy to get a hold off — perfect for those on a budget! As it’s 35mm, it’s convenient for developing too, just make sure you’ve got a camera that will do the photos justice!

I’d say that it’s best used outside on a sunny day, as in dark conditions it fails to perform to a fantastic quality. But hey, if all you can remember from that crazy party is a blur then this film will capture those foggy memories perfectly!

Happy snapping!

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  1. screamverz
    screamverz ·

    Agree with you, and this film never disappointing me. love your shots, its slightly softer than mine.

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·

    The advantage of this film (as memory serves) is it has 24 shots, so is a good test film for a new camera. But there are definitely better films out there. It's also hard to judge quality of a film in general if the camera has a fixed shutter speed.

  3. dollymixture
    dollymixture ·

    If your in the UK and near a "PoundLand" store, they usually stock this film for 1.00 per film! : ) I have way too much of this film, but this makes me happy : )

  4. dollymixture
    dollymixture ·

    If your in the UK and near a "PoundLand" store, they usually stock this film for 1.00 per film! : ) I have way too much of this film, but this makes me happy : )

  5. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    i appreciate the value of "the poundland film" but its a bit bold saying the Mini Diana will do it justice as mini diana is pretty much the worst camera you can buy. I have rescaled a few kodak color plus films and run a few through a olympus OM10, richoh 500GX and several Praktica models and the results are fantastic for such a cheap film. Although if you search hard enough you can find better film at just as god value. Clocktower cameras in brighton have a bargain bin full of odd and expired films and you can find some gems in there i found a process paid fuji sensia 400 for £1. Also 7dayshop (goldmine of a website) have amazing deals before now i bought 10 rolls of Fuji Neopan 400 120 for £12 which is the best deal i have ever come across!

  6. hollyelizabeth_
    hollyelizabeth_ ·

    Thanks for your comments!

    I'm sorry I made it sound as though I thought the Diana Mini was the greatest thing out there, I know it's not by ANY means the best camera out there but it was the one that did that particular film the most justice for me out of the basic cameras I have, and I was pleased with the outdoor shots it's given me so far so I thought I'd share it. :-)

    Thank you so much for the 7dayshop tip, looking forward to having a browse!

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