Shoot From The Hip With Your Fisheye Baby 110


Shooting from the hip is an essential part of the Lomographic way of life. There's no right or wrong way to do it. Just remember not to hide behind your camera!

Looking through a viewfinder can severely limit your Lomographic experience. You’re often missing out on what’s happening above you below you or in your very immediate vicinity. So here’s what to do: open your mind and break free from conventions, achieve a great shot by thinking fast and just clicking — a touch of good luck always helps and magic is never too far away.

Try the shot from the hip with your Fisheye Baby 110 to experience an absolutely free and boundless dimension of 170o degree sights:

The Fisheye Baby 110 Cameras are fully working miniature versions of the Fisheye No. 2 designed especially to fit 110 film. They capture the world in full circle and enable you to produce perfect Fisheye pictures. The Fisheye Baby 110s come with a bulb mode and are able to capture multiple exposures too. Load them with Lomography Orca B&W 100 and dive into the long forgotten world of 110 photography! Head to the 110 Camera Microsite for more information.

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  1. upstart_thunder
    upstart_thunder ·

    It's the way I do it. I also find shots are much more interestingly framed than if I look through the lens lol

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