Bali Trip Aka Our Honeymoon


This is our scorching summer film-tastic fun-ventures at the seaside last April (12 to 18). We just got married earlier this year - February 5th to be precise. We even had a lomo-style wedding reception and we really like it (later i'll post about this).

Anyway…this trip and the idea of basking at the beach has been on our mind since May last year. Even before we thought about getting married seriously and started preparing for it, we’ve already planned this trip and dreamed about it.

Well to be honest we had this cheap promo fare, “Book Now and Travel Next Year…” (Can you guess which airline company it is?…haha). And so I bought the tickets for our April trip the following year. In my mind, I was willing to go alone even if no one wanted to come; I’ll just take my lomo cameras load it with a whole bunch of films. After I booked the flight, I asked my friends to join, including my GF (at that time). And she agreed to go with me…

Then some time went by… and we’ve already planned about getting married, so this ticket to Bali eventually became our honeymoon trip.

The place we stayed at was Nusa Dua, which has an excellent beach view, here are some of the photos…I hope you’ll enjoy it. Cheers!

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