Diana World Tour China (Shanghai)


The Diana World Tour is now heading to wonderful Shanghai - Join us for a month in China filled with fun and festivities to commemorate the Diana's legacy!

Diana World Tour
Shanghai / 8th-29th August 2009

The concept behind Diana World Tour originates from the Lomography World Congress (aka LWC) that is hosted once in every few years, uniting Lomographers from all over the world who share one common interest – an immense love for analog photography. Lomography is not just about crazy fun cameras and beautiful photos, but also bringing people together to share their life and experience through this medium, exploring new possibilities both in life and photography.

The completely unique experience and memories must be the best souvenirs for Lomographers who participated the Lomography World Congress. Unfortunately, very few Lomographers from China had actually joined the joyride. Since the last LWC, Lomography China has put itself on a new mission – to bring LWC to China! Colliding with the Diana World Tour that includes Detrich Collection & Diana Vignettes, kick starting in Shanghai, Lomography China decided to use this opportunity to implement ingredients from the LWC, creating an experience comparable to that of the LCW. Operating like a Mini Congress, the Diana World Tour will invite Lomographers all over China to a series of events including party, workshop, drink, music and dance, with one single goal in mind – to duplicate the fun we had in the LCW and bring it to China where you rarely experience such an exciting and unforgetable weekend!

Event Summary

/2PM – 8th August
Diana World Tour Opening/

This is basically an excuse to take lots of Lomographs and meet and get drunk with other Lomographers. Beside sharing the stories behind of the 5 Diana F+ designers from Shanghai, there will be more than 100 Diana cameras awaiting you.

/7PM – 15th August
Diana Night Tour with Open-Roof Double-Decker Bus/

Night time essentially means photo time! So it’s time to practice your Lomographic skills in long exposures, Colorsplashing, and double exposure, because we have prepared a open-roof double-decker bus to roam around Shanghai town for free! This 3 hours crazy bus tour will be started at the gallery store and leads by Lomography crews. The bus tour limited to only 50 seats, please do your RSVP with Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai today at 021-6256 1054.

/3PM – 22nd August
Diana Day Tour : LomoMatrix/

If the night tour can’t satisfy you, don’t worry! We have more exciting events coming up. This summer, we should having fun together under the sun, we would like to invite you to join the fun of “LomoMatrix”, Still figuring what is that? Just bring along your lomographic cameras and join us! Please also bring along your friends and any funny props to the Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai.

The Detrich Collection & Diana Vignettes Exhibition
8.8.2009 to 29.8.2009

Detrich Collection

It’s assumed that this original Diana met with significant success in its domestic and export markets, so much so that a flood of knock-offs, copies, and derivatives were quickly introduced to capitalize on the demand. With names like “Future Scientist,” “Megomatic,” “Snappy,” “Windsor,” and “Zodiac,” the clones offered a huge range of varying features, including simplified apertures, extra shutter speeds, electronic flashes, fake light meters, longer lenses, and a 620 film format. Several versions were private-label commissions by large American companies such as GE, Reader’s Digest, JC Penny, and Avis Rent-a-Car. It’s not clear which copies were made by the original Great Wall Plastic Factory, and which were made by rival manufacturers.
By placing a hell of a lot of Ebay bids, Mr. Allan Detrich was able to amass what must be the most incredible collection of Diana cameras and Diana clones in the entire world. In Spring 2007, Lomography purchased this incredible batch of cameras and is absolutely thrilled to present it as the priceless “Detrich Collection”.

Diana Vignettes Exhibition

Rigidly defined, a vignette is a "short, impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting”. With merely a few words and a few specific details, it gives you a penetrating view into the life and motivations of your subject.

You can‘t resist admitting the lifetime story of Diana Camera is fascinating. We believe your very personal story in local China is same attractive like our beauty Diana. Okay, whatever it’s your true growth story, your little love story inside the Great Wall of China, first taste of the Hot and Sour Soup, participant in the adventure game of the TV kid show, or any other surreal imaginative fantasy!

Diana Vignettes Exhibition curated by Lomography Shanghai Gallery Store will exhibit 14 Diana photos coupled with 14 different stories from China and oversea. Using the same Diana F+ camera, they tell their stories through photo, text and illustration, creating a collective memory of China. Our contributors also personified their Diana F+ by modifying her shape, color and name, placing them at the pantheon of the Diana Clone collection.

The 14 Lomographer from Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou:

小狐狸, Started Lomography since 2004.
曹杰, AXGstyle’s head of Toy design team.
乔小刀, CEO/Founder of 微薄之盐.
SAYU, lead vocalist of 咖啡因乐队.
扬洋, host of FM1039, Beijing.

小白, art director of《socool》magazine.
张乐陆, professional fashion photographer.
Cheonbong Ko, CEO of Freshgooz Online Magazine
Aloho, artist/Lomographer

Alex so, professional fashion photographer。
Teddy Li, Lomography ambassador of China
Dickid, designer
Wize lee, director of +batterfire.

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  1. deng
    deng ·

    wow, the graphic is so beautiful.

  2. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    go for it! so pitty I am not there now

  3. jeepeng
    jeepeng ·

    hehe, not only beautiful graphic, there are a lot of cool diana clones made by local artists of China in the gallery store too!

    breakphreak, u know Aloho, right? he is one of the local diana clones customize designer in the exhibition, don't worrym i'll make a full report of the event soon!

  4. reinertlee
    reinertlee ·

    Ahh! Cool!!

  5. zifcom
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  6. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    i want a diana china tshirt!! gimme

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