Shooting Beautiful Double Exposure Photos


Doubles, collaborations, MX shots. These are among of the famous features about Lomography. Lomography cameras such as LC-A+, LC-Wide, Fisheye, La Sardina, Fisheye 2, and many more are one of the few cameras which has the ability to shoot multiple exposures. Sometimes MX shots are nice and sometimes it is not. So in this article, I would like to show everyone a simple way to shoot well-exposed MX shots!

An example of an MX shot

You will need:

  • Your camera
  • Film
  • A creative mind

In my earlier post, I mentioned that changing the ISO will help in having beautiful backlight photos. So what do you guys think will the way to shoot a beautiful MX shots? The answer is setting the right ISO! To shoot beautiful MX shots, all you have to do is make sure you have set the right ISO!

The right ISO setting is ISO 100 for ISO 50 films, ISO 200 for ISO 100 films, and ISO 400 for ISO 200 films. By setting one stop difference with the ISO you are using, you are actually underexposing the shots. But, if you shoot it in MX, it will be nicely exposed (correct me if I am wrong).

Simple isn’t it? So I hope with this quick tipster, everyone can shoot beautiful double exposure photos!

written by bao_wei on 2012-06-05 in #gear #tipster


  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    nice double gallery!

  2. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·

    Thanks eva_eva!

  3. jezzyjung
    jezzyjung ·

    Thanks for nice tipster :)

  4. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·


  5. jojothemonkeyy
    jojothemonkeyy ·

    Hello fellow Singaporean! You took the toilet photo at paya lebar mrt! Great article by the way (:

  6. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·


  7. jokelangens
    jokelangens ·

    i'm kind of a newbie, could somebody tell me what you should do when using a diana f+ or a sprocket rocket? setting it to cloudy or sunny on the first exposure?

  8. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·

    Diana F+ and sprocket rocket are consider as toy cameras (IMO) so you got to try out different settings to get the best result as every roll shot with a toy camera will not be the same for most of th time. You can try setting cloudy for the first exposure and sunny for the second exposure or vice versa. If not, you can try sunny for both exposures or cloudy for both. Hope this helps!

  9. jokelangens
    jokelangens ·

    it sure does, thank you!

  10. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·


  11. myloft
    myloft ·

    hello, just wondering that with MX for the LC-A+, can the ASA dial be changed after each shot (let's say there's one frame I want to do an MX, and another that I don't want to hence need to change to the correct iso instead of one stop difference)? I vaguely rem reading someone mentioning that changing it midway doesn't make a difference with the camera, but another saying that you can switch the ASA dial midway and the camera will adjust accordingly... hoping you could help me out, or anyone who reads this! :)

  12. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·

    Hi, you can change, I usually change my ASA for some of the shots in the single roll. The camera will react as per the ASA set. Cheers!

  13. cianococcodrillo
    cianococcodrillo ·

    hi, i'm a new follower of lomo's world.
    i love the effect of double exposure, and i have read your article about it.
    i would make you a question: i have a lomo fish eye 1 and the ISO aren't adjustable with it.
    in this case i just have to rewind the film and shoot another time?
    you think that this method can produce a similar effect?
    thank you!
    (i love so much your works!) :)

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