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I recently completed a half-year internship at the Lomography HQs in Vienna. I'm still with Lomography though, just not as an intern, and not in Vienna. My journey with Lomography, like yours, started with a camera, but my journey with Lomography has for the majority been with the people behind-the-scenes. Allow me to share that story.

I’m Nadia or soundfoodaround and I’ve almost been working with Lomography Asia’s Online Team in Hong Kong for 5-months now! I’m originally from the harbor city and am back after having lived and worked in Austria for 6-months at the Lomography HQ in Vienna. Since I’ve been back, I’ve had a few friends pursuing degrees in higher education ask me what I thought about them dropping what they’re doing and finding a creative job abroad – somewhere where the wine is sweeter, air cleaner, and where the city’s charm wasn’t yet uncovered by them.

Realizing where that wanderlust was coming from I couldn’t help but cheer them on – as I believe you can only convince someone already inclined towards the desired action. “If you know it’s something you want to do or at least try, then do it!” Mind you, I wasn’t always a go-getter. “What got you hooked you onto Lomography?” Good question my friend. And this is what I said…

Online Magazine Intern – Vienna

Credits: soundfoodaround

I’d already acquainted myself with Europe from having traveled Germany the summer of 2011. It was late July and I’d seen the posting on the Lomography Jobs page for an Editorial Intern position for the Online Magazine. I’d applied myself to the application and the interview that soon followed with gabysalas – who’s now, in hindsight, the best mentor one could have asked for.

From contacting LomoAmigos and writing all sorts of features either delegated to me by the creative team behind the Magazine or inspired by something I’d lived, to familiarizing myself with the management-end of things as well as the unique programs used for the online magazine, everything was exciting. The atmosphere just made it 10-times more dream-like. Doing something so very real and that affected so many readers worldwide, as well as being in another city that I was supposed to be “on-guard” in – being as I was unfamiliar with it – it was perplexing to think how fast my mind and body had adjusted to it, particularly as the setting was a harsh Viennese winter.

I’d highly recommend the position to anyone looking to further their editorial experiences, who loves to brainstorm with creative colleagues, and who can turn ideas and concepts into articles and reality in a hearbeat.

Lomography Hong Kong

Taken back in 2006!

By the way, it all started with my 2-week work experience placement in high school! So, starting at Lomography Hong Kong was only somewhat of an introduction and much more coming full circle.

I’ve been doing a lot of the same things I was in Vienna though the teams I’m working on a day-to-day basis are from all over Asia. It’s fascinating to me, to be bound by the internet to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more. I’d like to dispel the myth of feeling crummy in an office space staring into the computer screen for days on end because with a job where you come to face awe-rendering photography and brilliant creative minds all day it’s perfectly fulfilling.

And I’m glad tattso is a good mentor also – it seems there’s no shortage of good mentors no matter where in the world of Lomography you are!

I hope you’re inspired to pursue whatever it is you desire to at this moment. I’m not saying make any hasty decisions but also realize for every action (or inaction) there’s an equal reaction so do good by yourself and make yourself happy!

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    Just been here and read this article and recognized the familiar girl i met before in HK. it's you, my lovely lomo guide hehe i was in workshop last month with you guys hk -lomographers. :)

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