Taking Back Tipsters: LomoKino

Itching to make a movie? Looking for a way to make your LomoKino movie colorful? Want to know how to maintain your LomoKino? We just might have the answers that you're looking for in this edition of Taking Back Tipsters!

Do you want to make your LomoKino movies more colorful? This Tipster just might help you achieve the look that you want.

Photo by andredimu

How to Make Colorsplashed LomoKino Movies
Written By: andredimu

You can make your very own LomoKino power winder with the aid of this next Tipster. Now, you can easily wind your LomoKino!

Photo by stouf

LomoKino Power Winder
Written By: stouf

Remember drawing stick figures on the pages of your notebook and flipping them to see the “animation”? You can do the same with your LomoKino! Find you how to make your own LomoKino flip book.

Make Your Own LomoKino Flip Book
Written By: tomas_bates

Not sure how to go about making your own LomoKino movie? Don’t know how to start telling your story? This next Tipster tutorial will greatly help you!

Photo by antoniodezer

Filming with the LomoKino: A Complete Tutorial on How to Tell a Story with Images
Written By: antoniodezer

It is important to maintain the parts of the LomoKino so that you can make analogue movies for years to come. This next Tipster will teach you just how to do it!

Photo by samjavor

LomoKino Shutter Repair and Maintenance
Written By: samjavor

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