Fujica STX-1N: A Hugely Underrated Mechanical SLR


A great mechanical 35mm SLR made by Fuji in the 80s, the Fujica STX-1N comes with great lens and is surprisingly compact, it was fantastic while it lasted.

This review is going to start with a story about hair. Anyway, I had just got back from the barbers with quite possibly the worst haircut I’ve ever had. I decided enough was enough of this and having mullets, so I decided to get a hairdresser to come to my house and cut it. I asked one of my friend’s mums, who is a hairdresser, and she said she would be happy to. As you do when your having your hair cut you talk about random things, we ended up on cameras, and I was telling her about how I thoroughly enjoy it, especially film photography, and it is something I want to pursue. She finished my hair and she went off to the next client, and for once, my hair was acceptable.

Anyway, the next time she came around, she came with a big camera bag and she had brought me a camera. I was expecting a crappy 80s point and shoot but no, inside was a 35mm SLR with two lenses. I got it out and it was a pristine Fujica STX-1N with Fujinon 50 1.9 and a Sun zoom lens. I was so excited I didn’t even bother getting my hair cut and just went outside and shot with the camera.

I completed a full roll of film in around 40 minutes—I was that excited. To be honest, I didn’t really think, I just shot (one of the rules of Lomography). I never do this now, but back then, when I would just shoot anything and didn’t think about composition, subject, lighting, and tones— I only thought about color!

I rewound the film and sent it off to get developed. Whilst waiting, I was playing with my new favorite camera, just winding it on and firing it. Then, I heard that the mirror didn’t flip back down—the dreaded mirror lock up! I tried everything: the timer, every speed, new batteries, changing the aperture, stupid things like that, but the camera was well and truly dead.

Here is the corpse.

Anyway, I had to break the news to my hairdresser, and when I told her, she didn’t seem too bothered and said at least I got one roll out of it. I asked what I should do with the lenses, and she said, “Do whatever with them, they’re yours.” I donated the lenses to the charity shop as it wouldn’t be right if I made money on something someone has kindly given to me.

A few days later, I got my film back. Here are some of the results.

As you can see they are very sharp and detailed, and the colors are very nice. Though I don’t shoot color film anymore, I think that the lens would produce very nice tones with monochrome.

All in all a fantastic camera and a very underrated one, I wish mine hadn’t died, as I know I would be still shooting with it today. It’s compact for an SLR and very easy to use, and would be a great first SLR.

Thanks for reading, keep shooting!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Regarding the Fujica STX-1N... abrupt stickings after working OK are usually solidified lubricant, caused by too warm storage. I have Miranda D, that otherwise new from 50 years ago, had this problem, and I was able to get her fixed with a clean, lube, and adjust (CLA). Somewhere in the UK, there has to be a camera repair shop. She probably only needs a good CLA'ing and she will be young again. In Los Angeles, this costs ~US$55 at Camera Max. She is an excellent camera and absolutely worth it. Enjoy.

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