The LomoLab Would Like an #AnalogueLunchDate with You!

LomoLab Manager Jack is known as a natty dresser, a secret genius, and an expert at all things Lab related! He's the guy we entrusted our London LomoLab too, and now he's inviting the whole world to a lunch date on twitter. So, if you have any burning questions about film, processing or anything lab related, read on to find out when you can ask the man himself!

Jack Quick is a lab expert. Not only does he have a fine line in lab coats, but he actually knows a thing or two as well!
If you have questions about film types, the best films for different conditions, how to develop films at home, how we do it in the LomoLab, or anything else to do with films, developing, lab geekery, Lomography….or even maybe a cheeky question about Jack himself, now’s your time to chat directly with the expert, as we are handing over our @Lomography Twitter account to him for an #analoguelunchdate! (This is bigger than Glastonbury!)

When: Wednesday, 23rd May @ 1-2 pm GMT

So, no matter where you live in the world, get your thinking caps on and your tweeting fingers ready. Jack may not be able to answer all of your questions (he’s only got two hands!) but he’ll give it a jolly good go!

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