AgfaPhoto Vista 400: Try Something Else for a Change

Agfa Vista 400 is a good all purpose film. But it's more than that. Try redscaling it for a change!

Credits: stratski

Vista 400 has served me well in the past. It gave me some nice pictures, even when I crammed it in small lensed simple little camera’s like the Agfa Isomat Rapid, the Diana Mini and the Lomography Colorsplash. It performs well at dusk and in overcast circumstances.

Credits: stratski

It even gave me some more or less decent pictures when I accidentally used processing chemicals gone bad. Dark green, but still recognisable.

Credits: stratski

But I got my favourite pictures with this film when I redscaled it. Instead of the usual reds and oranges of redscale, I got a more subdued, subtle color shift. I think it’s the high ISO that made my pictures get a lovely, vintagy green tint. It’s a bit greener than your avarage well lit redscale picture, but not as green as for instance cross-processed pictures.

Photo’s shot with a Practika MTL SLR.

Compare it with the more brownish tints of Lomography redscale, and the bright orange tints of Agfa Vista 200 redscaled, or even the also greenish, but darker color of HEMA 400 redscaled. I think it’s a lovely addition to the possible redscale spectrum.

Agfa Vista 400, Lomography 50-200, Agfa Vista 200, HEMA 400

But don’t worry, there is still some red to be enjoyed. When slightly underexposed, you still get the traditional red, be it a bit more subtle than for instance Vista 200 redscaled.

Credits: stratski

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