Top Shoutbox Users of April 2012


These Lomographers sure have used our shoutbox very well! Just good enough for them to land in this recap!

And yes, you’ve guessed it right! Because here we are showcasing the most talkative in Lomography’s shoutbox. But talkative’s a good thing! So congratulations to the list we have here! Meet you in the shoutbox!

hervinsyah (221 shouts)
djramsay (150 shouts)
hxloon (113 shouts)
carlota_nonnumquam (92 shouts)
sweetyyydreams (92 shouts)
natalieerachel (81 shouts)
fuckdaniels (78 shouts)
arurin (72 shouts)
scrabbyknees (71 shouts)
bloomchen (67 shouts)

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  1. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Well done! Numero three this time =^^=

  2. djramsay
    djramsay ·


  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Congrats all =D

  4. dreadlockboy
  5. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Yeah cool ! First time "winner"! Thank you guys ! ;-)

  6. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @dreadlockboy : Matur nuwun sanget, mas Edja =D

  7. mayeemayee
  8. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @mayeemayee : Thank you very much, you're the best =D

  9. zekalinova
    zekalinova ·

    congratulations all!!!!! @hervinsyah, @djramsay, @hxloon, @carlota_nonnumquam, @sweetyyydreams , @natalieerachel, @fuckdaniels, @arurin, @scrabbyknees, @bloomchen great work!! :D :D

  10. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @zekalinova sering2 aja ngetik di shoutbox, bang Zeka, bulan depan Insya Allah salah satu foto bang Zeka ada di May most top shoutbox =D

  11. zekalinova
    zekalinova ·

    wah patut dicoba tuh!! *ikutan ah* heheh :))

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