Cross Processing Colour Guide


Every cross processed slide films have different color shifts. In order to use them flexibly, why don't we have a color palette?

At times, we use different color tones to express different moods. For example, we will choose bright blue for joy, deep red for nostalgia, indigo for darker moods. Some films have similar color tones, you can choose according to your preferences. But there are still subtle differences and my article will discuss in greater details.

However, I would like to clarify something upfront:

  • Every xpro film development is unique, even if the same film is used. Camera, lens, ambient lighting, ISO setting, lab used etc will affect the final results. Therefore, the chosen photos might not be the most beautiful. But I had included every possible shooting combination such as different sky colors, indoors/outdoors, cameras for your reference.
  • I had personally used all the films discussed below. But there are so many types of slide films out there. These are for reference purposes, you need to try out to see if you like the color shifts.
  • Most of the films are readily available in the shops.
  • Photography is on a best effort basis, hence no price comparisons or hard sell here (wouldn’t that take the fun out of photography?).


Agfa Precisa CT100

The legendary Agfa slide film turns beautifully blue after xpro. To be exact, it makes all colors vivid but natural. It is a great performer in both strong and low lights. Ever since production shifted from Europe to Japan, the colors turn more greenish, especially for night and indoor shots.


1-3: Minox 35GT, 4: LC-A


1-2: Natura Classica, 3-4: LC-A

Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100
It makes all colors more vivid, without too much color shifts. You would be tempted to take random shots of the skies, the children, and continue right into the night! It is not affected by low light. You can read this for more details!

1-3: Sprocket Rocket , 4: LC-A

Kodak EliteChrome 100

It is readily available and is suitable for beginners to try out. Similar to Agfa CT100, it is perfect for taking blue skies. Capturing portraits during sunny days will also look natural. Under the dim twilight lighting, colors will appear more natural. There is green color shifts for indoors and night shots, be careful if taking portraits.

1: LC-A , 2: Sprocket Rocket , 3-5: Nikon FM2


Fuji Sensia 200

The greens of expired Sensia 200 feels comfortable, unlike the glaring greens when the film is fresh. There is a solemn mood when used in cloudy days. At night, it can express different colors and is not monotonous.

1: LC-Wide , 2-6: LC-A

Kodak EliteChrome 200

The color shifts are in between green and blue. And the whole frame is filled with this depressing color tone. This gives the photo a vintage feel. When shot indoor, one color dominates, therefore the subject should be something with high contrasts.

1: LC-Wide , 2-4: Sprocket Rocket

Fuji Provia 400F

This is my most frequently used film. Besides the slight tinge of green color shifts, it is fast enough for different lighting conditions. Although not as vivid as X-Pro Chrome 100, there is a certain profound depth in the greenish blue skies. Despite the slight green cast, it is still suitable for portrait skin tones. You can read this for more details!

1-2: LC-Wide, 3: Diana F+ , 4: Natura Classica, 5: LC-A

Fuji Provia 400X

1: Holga 120 WPC , 2: Kiev 88

Fuji Provia100F
Under sunny conditions, it has greenish blue color shifts. On cloudy days, indoors and at night, it is bright green. Therefore, it is more suitable for the great outdoors.

1-2: Lubitel 166+, 3: LC-A , 4-5: Holga 120 WPC


Lomography X-Pro Slide 200
At night, yellow is dominant! There is pale yellow color cast on sunny and cloudy days with a tinge of greens. Therefore, when using X-Pro 200, blue skies will appear a mesmerizing green.

1-3: Sprocket Rocket , 4: Lubitel 166+, 5: Minox 35GT


Fuji Velvia 100F

It is red hot, like burning orange color tones. On sunny days, vivid colored items will retain their colors while others will be painted red. Everything is red indoors and at night. Velvia 100F is great for expressing summer sensations or vintage feel of old neighborhoods.

1-2: LC-A , 3: LC-Wide , 4: Horizon Perfekt , 5: Agat 18K

Fuji Sensia 100

Its reds are deep reds. As if the skies are holding back some words, there won’t be very strong feelings. It is orangey red when shot indoors. My personal opinion is that it is more suitable for landscape shots as it would be too red for portraits.

1-2: LC-A , 3-4: Minox 35GT

Fuji T64

Its reds are pinkish red, just like looking at the world through a pair of pink sunglasses. Indoor and cloudy day shots will have a purple tinge, very warm feeling.

1: Holga 135BC , 2: LC-A , 3: Holga 120 WPC , 4: Lubitel 166+


Fuji Astia 100

This is one of the rare films with purplish red color shifts. Under sunny conditions, it has an unique charm. Indoor and cloudy day shots will be dominated by purplish red color shifts, under lighting, it is closer to orange colors, like Sensia 100.

1: LC-Wide , 2-3: LC-A , 4: Sprocket Rocket


Like I mentioned in the beginning, cross processing has too many variables. I can only provide an approximation. No point arguing with RGB values as each photo is uniquely yours! Enjoy the process of being surprised every time!I hope that after reading this, you will grab a suitable film before heading out!

Which film did you bring out today?

P.S. I still want to try E100 series!

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