Art and Culture: Before the Design Week

From Tuesday, April 17 to Friday, April 21, there was a Design Week in the Brera district of Milan (the same place where the Lomography Store is located in the city). I was one of the ten selected lomo-reporters for this event. Here some images taken before the beginning of the exposition!

Monday, April 17. As a selected lomo-reporter for Design Week in Milano, I began to take photos to document the incoming event. For the whole week I used a Lomo LC-A, an LCA+RL and a Praktica MTL 50 with a Pentacon 50/1,8 lens. The first day, everything was closed as they were preparing all the things for the event. So I took some photos of the urban furniture prepared for the event, a little piece of the artistic design which is typical of the Brera district.

An advertisement of the event on a tramway
The interior of a shop, everything is “almost”-ready!

The Lomography Store has organized a series of great workshops for this week!

Credits: sirio174

And this is the great wall on the floor that they made in the “Spazio Pelota”, the place for the expositions of the Austrian Design!

Credits: sirio174

Totems and maps were available for the visitors!

Credits: sirio174

All shop windows will be shiny and bright for the next day!

Credits: sirio174

Colors, colors, colors!

Credits: sirio174

The were free bicycles from the city which were made available to visitors!

Credits: sirio174

But the most important thing for me was that this event was a great occasion to meet new friends!

Lomo on!

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