Kodak T-Max 400: A Fine Grain Film That's Easy to Print

This film is great at its nominal 400 ISO range. Fine grain, contrast not excessive, and easy to print in a homemade darkroom, even with condensed light enlargers. Read more!

I love black and white photos. And although my preferred and most used film is the Ilford HP5+ film for its wide range and ease of pushing, I like to experiment with others films. I was pleasantly surprised by T-max 400, great in all light conditions, fine-grained and easy to be printed.

Here you can see three photos taken with a Lomo LC-A. Very good contrast, and very good results printing on an Ilford Multigrade Glossy RC paper with a grade 2,5 filter!

The good latitude of pose of this film allows photos like this one, with a very contrasted lens, as the lens on my Canonet QL17 GIII:

The 400 ISO speed is great for street photography! Here some shots taken during a Carnival feast in Como.

Here a “candid” photo taken with my rangefinder Canonet QL 17. “For Sale Stroller!”

The pleasant grey tones are great for photos of landscapes, architecture and urban details, and the small grain size allows to capture a great amount of information!

Great also in difficult back light conditions:

Very good results using fine grain developers as Microphen, good grey tones and contrast with Ilfosol 3. I do not recommend Rodinal or R09 for this fine grain film (too much grain!). This film is not suited to be pushing at higher ISO. As many T-grain fllms (T-max series or Delta 100 and 400, except the Delta 3200) the better results are at the nominal ISO speed!


  • great grey tones
  • great latitude of pose
  • fine grain


  • not suited to be pushing

Enjoy your T-Max 400!

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