This was the 3rd London Lomography Thursday


All because Londoners Love to Double Expose

All because Londoners Love to Double Expose

The Time: 6.30
The Place: The Photographers’ Gallery
The Date:Thursday 5th June

With the tag “Show me yours and I’ll Show You Mine” it’s no wonder the Lomography London ladies found themselves having to answer some unusual questions ahead of the festivities. In any case, with double exposure on the agenda, the third Lomography London get-together was destined to be an exciting jamboree.

Applying the Undercoat

The evening kicked off in fine style at the Photographers’ Gallery. A hearty bevy of enthusiastic Lomographers turned up with their cameras at the ready and a single-minded goal to double expose the whole nightlong. Armed with their first untouched roll of film and the night like a blank canvas, they spilled out onto Soho’s simmering streets.

Swap Shop

Soho is indeed a feast for the senses. From the hustle bustle of Leicester Square’s tourist trail, to the heady colours and steamy aromas of Chinatown, moving on to the shady, narrow-laned grind of the ‘entertainment’ district, all a mere stone’s throw to the vibrant gay scene of Old Compton St. Inspired by the sights and encouraged by a few lemonades (so I am told), the motley crew of Lomographers swapped films and set out on a magical mystery tour to capture a different flavour of Soho.

…And shoot they did all the way through Soho until, weary and exhausted, they stumbled upon a night club which kindly offered them shelter and water. A perfect end to an evening of sensory over-indulgence.

What happened next…

After having double-exposed the hidden corners of Soho, the London battalion lived to shoot another day. More to the point 3 albums are already uploaded and ready for your eager eyes.

Be in it to Win it

Karen and Linda, our London ambassadors, are pleased to announce that Mondebiffy is the winner of the 2nd Lomography London challenge. As the images from the Night of Double Exposure are still coming in, you’ll have to hold tight, and wait a little longer to find out who shot the best exposé.

For those of you who have not yet made it down to one of these esteemed London events, you must be peeved to learn these high jinks are going on without you. Don’t despair! Plans are already being cooked up for the next London Lomography gathering…
so keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on

July: A Lomographic jaunt to the seaside!

August: Summer break

September: All around Photokina 2008

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  1. tracekaiser
    tracekaiser ·

    The seaside one should be up north! Since we have an ambassador, and I can't get down to London :(

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