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The Tipster of the Week shows us a quick and easy way to get wonderful backlight photos. Achieving beautiful shots has never been this easy.

Photo by bao_wei

If you want to achieve stunning photos with the use of backlight or silhouettes, our Tipster of the Week is just what you need! Just by setting the right ISO, you can get these kinds of photos.

In this tipster, I want to give lomographers a tip for shooting beautiful and lovely backlight photos. Isn’t it great to have nice blue colour on the sky and those high contrasting colours of the subject you are shooting? I personally love it. There is a simple way to get these kinds of lovely shots, which I found out around two years back.

Photos by bao_wei

Our Tipster of the Week goes to bao_wei! Read his full article entitled Easy Steps for Taking Beautiful Backlight Photos. Congratulations, bao_wei. You get 10 Piggies!

Do you want your article to be recognized as Tipster of the Week? Keep on submitting them, yours just might be the next one!

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    congrats @bao_wei for this tips :D

  2. bao_wei
    bao_wei ·

    Thanks Lawypop!

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