Cornwall in Black and White


Cornwall forms the tip of the southwest peninsula of Britain and has the mildest and sunniest climate in the whole of Great Britain and is known for its beaches and rugged coastline. Here I give you an idea of some of the great places you can visit, like I did with my black-and-white film.

Credits: rosebud82

Last October we took a trip down to Cornwall for five days as a family friend had a house that we were able to borrow. My sister and our friend had gone to university in Falmouth so we were eager to explore the area again. We decided we would visit different areas each day, and as we are all into photography, this was going to appear greatly in these visits. Of course the weather in the UK in October can be very hit or miss, we had some lovely days when the sun would come out, on other days it tipped down with rain. Luckily black-and-white film is great for coping with most weather conditions, so I loaded some in both my Holga and my La Sardinia. Here is an overview of the areas we visited.

The first place we visited was Looe, which a small coastal town and fishing port, in southeast Cornwall. The town is divided in two by the River Looe. It is a great little town with both a sandy and a stonier beach. It also has a strong fishing presence and a ferry that will take you to the other side of the river. It can be described as a bit sleepy, we visited in October and a lot of the shops and restaurants were closed, it is definitely seasonal!

Credits: rosebud82

Dartmoor is an area of moorland, which covers 954 square kilometers (368 sq mi) and is a very open and bleak area. Dartmoor abounds with myths and legends. It is reputedly the haunt of pixies, a headless horseman, a mysterious pack of “spectral hounds”, and a large black dog. During the Great Thunderstorm of 1638, the Dartmoor town of Widecombe-in-the-moor was even said to have been visited by the devil. There is no great deal to photograph except of course, the nature around. We visited Princetown, which is actually in Devon, and then set about looking for some famous Dartmoor Ponies and then tried to see how close we could get to them to catch them on film.

Credits: rosebud82

Falmouth is a town and port on the River Fal on the south coast of Cornwall. It is famous for it’s harbor, which is the third deepest natural harbor in the world. It is one of the busier and more happening places in Cornwall due to the fact that University College Falmouth is in the town. There are a variety of shops and restaurants in the town, The National Maritime Museum and Pendennis Castle are also places to visit in the town. Gyllyngvase or “Gylly” Beach is a lovely beach, which has a café/bar/restaurant on the beach, which is very modern and stylish.

Credits: rosebud82

Padstowe is on the north coast of Cornwall. It was traditionally a fishing port, but it is now a tourist attraction, especially due to the influence of restaurateur Rick Stein, which can be seen in the port, and tourists travel from long distances to eat at his restaurant or cafés. It is a lovely place to wander around for an afternoon and a short walk up the hill from the town is the beach Hawker’s Cove, a lovely little beach, but unfortunately for us, we got stuck in a heavy downpour of rain on the walk back!

Credits: rosebud82

Plymouth is actually a city in Devon, so not technically “Cornwall in Black and White” but worth a mention as we visited it on our last day. We ventured down to Plymouth Hoe, which is a large south facing open public space. A prominent landmark on the Hoe is Smeaton’s Tower. This is the upper portion of John Smeaton’s lighthouse built in 1759 and was then dismantled in 1877 and moved stone by stone to it’s current location. This overlooks Tinside Pool, an unusual 1903s outdoor lido, which sits upon the limestone shoreline at the base of the cliff.

Credits: rosebud82

I hope this gives you a good idea of the lovely places you can visit in Cornwall and the surrounding areas.

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  1. yankeemiss
    yankeemiss ·

    I love Cornwall and hope to return there in the near future. Thanks for jump starting my plans.

  2. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    Not wanting to seem picky but the whole of Dartmoor is in Devon! We have our own nice moors in Cornwall though- Bodmin moor. Nice to see Cornwall being given some lomo :)

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