US CitySlicker Hope: Bienvenue en Louisiane


On their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Let's meet Hope and learn more about Baton Rogue in New Orleans!

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Name: Hope Blanchard
City: New Orleans/Baton Rouge
Age: 19
Occupation: College student
LomoHome: tisburylane--

New Orleans. It’s been called the “Birthplace of Jazz,” “the Crescent City,” and “The Big Easy.”

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Baton Rouge. It’s just known as the “Capital Area.” (We’re not quite as exciting.)

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I just know it as home, where I’ve lived my entire life. It’s full of great food, crazy football fans, and good times, all right along the Mississippi River.

I’m known as a lot of things, too. Like most people, I’m known by my name, Hope. Many people know me as “that sophomore who studies Information Systems and Decision Sciences but loves to write.” Some can recognize me as “the girl who makes friendship bracelets, particularly when she’s waiting for class to start.” Some know me as “that girl on the equestrian team.” Now I’m being known as “a girl who carries way too many cameras around campus,” but I like to think of myself as a lomographer.

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I got into Lomography last summer. I had somehow managed to develop an obsession with fisheyes, and buying a Fisheye 2 seemed to be the next logical step. I knew they would be sold at work soon, and I pestered my managers nonstop about when we would get them in stock. I ended up getting the pink one for my birthday. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I was going to start taking photos, and I knew it was going to be now. It wasn’t until I bought my black Diana Mini that I actually discovered the Lomography community, and it wasn’t for another few weeks before I worked up the courage for scanning and uploading. My mother has given me permission to use her Nikon FM10, and I’m think I’m in first lomo love.

I’m so excited to be able to show you guys around my home area. You’ll be hearing from me soon!

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