My Friend lomo_bernis by panelomo


panelomo does a back-to-back interview - first with disdis, and now with our friend lomo_bernis from Brussels!

Check out panelomo's interview with friend lomo_bernis who’s a feisty Mexican now residing in Brussels!

Name: Omar Berni
Username: lomo_bernis
Location: Brussels
Occupation: Student
Interests: Music, photography, arts, movies, lomography

1. What was your first Lomographic experience? How was it?
I was navigating in internet and i was looking a cheaper camera because i love the photography so… i found “” and i love it..all the vintage cameras and the cool photos that i see in the page… so i decide buy mi first lomo camera a Diana f+…

2. What’s your favorite photography/Lomography trick?
I don’t have a favorite photography all are good just depends how you look the photography or in your concept of beauty, nice, cool, good etc… and about my favorite lomo trick i’ve never done in my camera but i’m interested in try the spinshot mode.. sounds fun and crazy!!!.

3. What’s your favourite camera + film combo? (and why do you like it?)

Obviously my favorite camera is the Diana f+ and i think that my favorite film is the Fuji Superia 400 ASA, i love this combination because always have good results and very nice clarity in the colors.

4. Any funny or strange experiences while taking pictures?

I had a bad experience a few months ago when i recived my camera i put a film on she and i go out to take my first roll…so i find a street full of people and stores and very nice colors in the spectaculars of the i can’t resist make a long exposure there..but i haven’t a tripod so i need stay without movement a few i stay there taking my first long exposure when I listen some screams and I don’t understand nothing because the screams are in french and i don’t speak french so i look around to see what happend and ohh!! surprise!!! two guys running to me screaming angry because i’m taking a photo..then one of them hit me in the face..i don’t know after that when i’m gonna take a picture in a full place i’m very carefull jajaja!!! always look around!!.

5. Someone wants your photo up on a billboard. Which photo would it be? (and why?)

I think this portrait of my wife and my babe because they are my inspiration and my motivation.(the shoot who names “my babes”)

6. If you could collaborate with someone for a Lomographic project, who would it be and why?

This a dificult question because exits to many good lomographers, i have to much names : vicuna,scootiepye,mephisto19,mattcharnock,vicuna, decuz, dfred..but i don’t have a specific name jeje!!.

7. A day in the life of : (fill in the blank!)

Bernis it’s a quiet day wich sometimes can be a little bit crazy, bizarre and fun :)

8. Name three things that inspire you.
My inspiration for do this?? my wife my babe and my mom.
My inspiration for the photos:
The people in the streets always found someone interesting outside,
The architecture in the city i love remember all the beautiful buildings!
The signals at the corners, I love to capture these signals and their amusing drawings that tell us what to do or where to go.

9. What’s keeping you busy lately?

My babe and my regularization jajaja (i’m live in brussels but i’m from México). So i need my papers in order.

10. Recommend something good! (book, place, food…anything, really :)

book: Steppenwolf (herman hesse) my favorite book.
place: parc du cinquentenaire(Brussels) very nice place in summer.
food: Mexican food is delicious ;).

written by panelomo on 2009-08-05 in #news #lomo_bernis #panelomo #my-friend #interview #blog


  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Wow, another nice interview with great pic.....

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Good job ! I can't believe you got hit by people ! What were you shooting ? And I love "Le loup des steppes" (french translation of Steppenwolf) !!!

  3. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    Omar Berni rocks! =)

  4. lomo_bernis
    lomo_bernis ·

    @panelomo thanks for the interview :))...@stouf yes i know it's a little bit bizarre that time i just shoot a street with a lot of people walking but sometimes the people don't like being photographed for any reason but it's nice take the risk you can get great results!!!... :)))

  5. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    great interview to know more abt omar from this..:)

  6. mrs-paul
    mrs-paul ·

    Nice interview and photos... Bruxelles is v. cool. I went to arts school there for a while many years ago. You brought back some happy memories!

  7. lazara
    lazara ·

    Wow! I didn't know about this. Great interview and beautiful gallery!

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