LomoKino Premiere: The Big Night of Lomographic Cinema


The 35mm analog cinema will soon be shining in all of it's splendor. For the first time ever, worldwide movies filmed with the LomoKino will be projected onto a big screen in a movie theater. Keep reading to learn all the details, and remember that one of those movies on the big screen might be yours!

Credits: zeube

Lomography International made making movies on 35mm film a reality. The LomoKino Premiere 2012 is born as the first sample on the big screen of short films shot with the LomoKino, using completely analog techniques.

As you may know, this past 9th of April, we published the Lomokino Premiere rumble. Today, we want to make you a part of our whole project, and we’re telling you what this initiative is all about!

June 21th, 2012 will be a historical day for Lomography. The mythical Palafox Theater in Madrid will open its doors and throw a red carpet to welcome all of our friends, and eight renown professionals that will partake in this event.

We will collaborate with Jorge Dorado, the Esteban Alenda brothers, José Javier Pérez Prieto, Enrique Caruncho, Marc Vigil, Stefano Caprile, the Stop Motia collective, and El Cosmonauta.

Here’s a short description of who is who!

Jorge Dorado. Jorge Dorado is a Producer from Madrid with over 60 national and international awards. He’s been nominated several times for the Premio Goya, one of them for “La Guerra”, a short film shot in 35mm. If you want to see more of Jorge’s productions, visit his webpage.

La Guerra.

César and José Esteban. The Esteban Alenda brothers have written, produced, and directed 6 short films that have participated in over 500 national and international festivals, having received over 100 awards. In 2009, they were awarded the Premio Goya for Best Animated Short film for ‘La increíble historia del hombre sin sombra’ and in 2011, they were nominated for the Premio Goya for Best Fiction Short Film for ‘El orden de las cosas’. More information on their website.

La increíble historia del hombre sin sombra.

José Javier Prieto. He is a Director from Andaluz who has produced documentaries, such as “Volver a Villaro” or “El Califa”, but “Alma” has been the most recognized. If you wish to learn more about his work, check out his blog.

Alma. Trailer Documental.

Enrique Caruncho. He is a photographer and producer who has worked in creating publicity campaigns for three decades, specializing in the fashion world. Now he produces documentaries about art and culture, and investigates new ways of cinematographic expression. Enjoy his work on vimeo.

OWN Fernando Alcalde.

Riot Cinema. This is a production company consisting of three cinema lovers. El Cosmonauta is their latest project, the most special. It’s been financed through crowdfunding and it will premier online for free under a Creative Commons license; simultaneously in movie theaters, television, and DVD. Here's the website with all the info. And this wonderful team also has a LomoHome: el_cosmonauta!

El Cosmonauta. Trailer.

Marc Vigil. Maybe you recognize one of the works of this Austrian direction born in Avilés: Águila Roja, Aída, 7 Vida. Visit his website and enjoy his short film Amor, dinero y salud por este orden on Vimeo.

We’ve also looked into the most relevant cinema and art schools for promising youngsters in the world of cinema.

Stop-Motia. Association and meeting place for amateurs, producers, and general admirers of Stop-Motion animation in all of it’s genres. A few of the team components of this collective will collaborate with us filming with the LomoKino.

Directing: David Castro González
Script, animation and art: Mercedes Beresaluze and Laura Calvo
Asst. Director: Carlos Padilla
Asst. Producer: Adrián Encinas
Editing: Alejandro Ronda
Acting: Lolo Córdoba and Verónica García.

STOPMOTIA – Pixilation Day Madrid 2011.

Stefano Caprile. Licensed in journalism, he just finished his master’s degree in Art Direction and Creativity from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. You can see his works on his website.

Dreams of a lunatic clown. Stefano Caprile.

And remember that one of the movies projected on the big screen could be yours! Participate in the LomoKino Premiere Rumble and take part in this big LomoKino night. Remember that sound and music editing is allowed, though not necessary. Every movie filmed with the LomoKino is welcome, even if you film, develop, and send them as they come, don’t worry about techs, the most important part is the idea!

Long live the analog cinema! Long live the LomoKino! Long live the LomoKino Premiere! Lomo on!

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