Fisheye Submarine: The Perfect Companion for Water-Loving Lomographers

Thinking of buying an underwater case for your beloved Fisheye? Read on for my review of the Submarine Case.

The Fisheye Submarine is a perfect companion for water-loving lomographers out there! Paired with either the Fisheye One or Fisheye 2 cameras, it’s possible to take stunning underwater photographs of marine life or of your friends.

The Submarine is packaged in a lovely cardboard box. It’s designed with different sample photos taken by Fisheye Submarine users. Inside, there’s the Submarine casing itself, a lens adapter for the Fisheye One, two extra silicone rings, silicone ring remover, lubricant and the manual and warranty card.

The Fisheye Submarine comes with all the basic buttons and controls to make use of your camera. It even has a switch at the front for the flash function. There’s also a flash diffuser to make sure your photos come out lovely whilst using the flash underwater. A detachable viewfinder is located on top which gives you a guesstimate of what your shot would look like. A tripod socket is located at the bottom of the casing. (I haven’t had the chance of mounting it on a tripod while underwater!) The hand strap keeps your camera tied around your wrist so you won’t lose it especially when swimming at the beach.

Putting in your Fisheye camera is easy. Just don’t forget to remove the hand strap and lens cover of your Fisheye camera as well as the viewfinder for the Fisheye 2. Before closing the camera, decide whether you’re going to use long exposure (B mode) or normal (N mode) for your photos before hitting the water. You won’t be able to change it while it’s in the case.

After use, always wash it with water and mild soap. This is to prevent salt build-up (which can make the hinge screws rusty) or chlorine deposits from accumulating on your Submarine.

Pros and Cons

The design of the casing is pretty good and solid! It has a nice little notch (the red part where the seahorse is at) where your hand can just grip the camera nicely even underwater. Big buttons and switches also make it easy so you won’t have to fumble with the controls underwater. So far, I haven’t had any leaks with my case.

My only remarks would be for the hand strap. The strap that comes with the case is pretty loose for my small hand and can’t be adjusted to your liking; however, the strap can be removed if you want to change it. Also, the film advance knob is a bit tricky to wind; sometimes I can’t tell whether I have wound the knob all the way through or not. For this, I just compensate by looking at the film counter or by “feeling” for the click-click motion of the dial itself.

Overall, I’d recommend the Fisheye Submarine for those who are frequent beach-goers or swimming enthusiasts. It would surely be able to take wonderful 170-degree photographs underwater!

Check out some of my underwater shots below.

The Fisheye Submarine is the Big Dipper of all underwater camera cases – it takes the Fisheye experience to a whole new level! It is compatible with both the Fisheye One and Fisheye No. 2. Get your own Fisheye Submarine and have a wet and wonderful time!

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