Barril Beach: A Gorgeous Location in the Island Of Tavira


Barril means Barrel in Portuguese but it is also the name of a beautiful secluded beach in Algarve in the Island of Tavira. Because it is in an island, you of course won't be able to get there by car but it all works out for the best as there is a much more fun way of getting there...Read on to know more about it!

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Barril Beach is a gorgeous beach located right in the middle of the 18km-long Ilha de Tavira (Island of Tavira) in Algarve, Portugal. Being located in an island, you can’t go there by car so if you are driving, your best bet is to park your vehicle in the lovely village of Pedras D’El Rei. From there, you can cross a bridge by foot – over the Ria Formosa lagoon – that will take you to the island.

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

The bridge is not very long and once you get to the other side, you will see a small, adorable train station right in front of you where you can either catch a picturesque miniature train (which will only set you back 1.50 euros) or you can opt to take a pleasant 10-minute walk along the train tracks.

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Because of the train, Barril Beach is a favorite among children and you will find many children playing around while their parents rest in the sand.

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

The day I went to Barril Beach there were also at least three people kite-surfing although I could only snap a faraway photo of one of them:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

The beach is situated right next to what was once a tuna station. The tuna station buildings are still being used, having been transformed into cafés, restaurants, and toilet facilities. What I liked the most about Barril Beach is what has been named as the Anchor Graveyard: serving as further evidence of the old tuna station, you will see hundreds of anchors (which were used to secure the huge tuna nets to the sea bed) all lined up in the dunes, it really is a beautiful sight:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Although it is said to be busy during the summer, majority of the people will be gathered at entrance point and you only need to walk either left or right to find a quiet spot. Being a secluded beach, it is the perfect place to rest, at any time of the year, if you are in much need of a quiet, peaceful time out from the city.

I myself didn’t go there in the summer and I still had a great time: even if it’s not too hot and you can’t go for a swim or lie down for a tan, you can still take your shoes off and take a long walk along the beach, with family, friends or that special someone, picking up sea shells along the way.

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Reference: East Of Faro

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  1. catarella
    catarella ·

    I'm so glad you wrote this location! I love this beach, used to go there every year as a kid, and still go whenever I can :) An the article and photos are great!

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