Spotted: La Sardina Möbius Pattern Edition in Xperia & Vice Video


Lomography's marvelous La Sardina Möbius Pattern Edition made a little cameo in this collaborative video by Sony Xperia, Vice, and photographer Elsa Okazaki. Check it out here!

Why do you shoot what you shoot?

Vienna-based photographer Elsa Okazaki explains why she does what she does in this video, entitled “Made of Imagination”.

Screencap from Made of Imagination.

Heads up, the La Sardina Möbius Pattern Edition is shown in the video’s 1:28 mark! The video is a promotion for Sony’s new camera phone, the Xperia. But between the two, wouldn’t you rather have a La Sardina? :-)

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written by denisesanjose on 2012-04-24 in #news #vice #sony #xperia #la-sardina #elsa-okazaki #mobius

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