Lomography in the Media: Practical Photography

The Spring and May editions of Practical Photography had their usual fare of digital goodies and surprisingly, some mentions of Lomography special editions.

I’m a subscriber of Practical Photography and I like to read up on all the new camera technologies and gadgets coming out soon. Although the magazine caters for all camera types, it would be fair to say that digital SLRs are featured most commonly. It was a little surprise then to see a Lomography camera two issues running.

In the Spring 2012 issue, the Lomography La Sardina Western Editions were featured with a photo of the Coyote.

In the following May 2012 edition, the LC-A+ Silver Lake was featured along with its photo.

It’s nice to see Lomography get some exposure in a mainstream photography magazine so do check it out.

*Images courtesy of Practical Photography, Bauer Consumer Media Limited.

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written by veato on 2012-04-24 in #news #lc-a #practical-photography #coyote #la-sardina #silver-lake

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